A forest with a still lake in the front. In the background, between the trees you can see a human-like figure, tall and seemingly wearing a suit. Slenderman.

Writing Competition: Creepypasta

Love to write? Toruween invites all aspiring and experienced writers to submit their short or slightly longer stories to our Creepypasta contest!

Creepypasta is an online phenomenon well known to many – modern legends and myths that take the form of stories published or read online. The stories can be rooted in old myths and legends, in fantasy or in real life – who knows what’s hiding out there?

We want your creepypasta! We will read the top five submissions in Coffee Annan during Toruween, and the winner will be announced during the award ceremony.


Rules for the contest:

  • The text must be an original, written by you
  • We do not accept texts previously published elsewhere
  • Max one submission per person
  • The text can’t be longer than 1500 words
  • Some blood and gore is acceptable – but we ask that very graphic and explicit violent descriptions are left out
  • Sexually explicit submissions is not allowed
  • The text can be in Norwegian or English
  • Deadline to submit your text is October 20th!

The registartion form is OPEN! Grab your pen and ink now and scare us good and proper!

Creepypasta reading:
Coffee Annan


Header: Screenshot from the 2018 movie Slender Man.