Bilde som viser logoen til spillet Trivia Murder Party, med tittelen skrevet i fargerike bokstaver og ulike fonter

Trivia Murder Party

We are bringing back last Toruween's success!

Trivia Murder Party is an interactive, phone-based game where up to 8 players (or teams) will be competing in hilarious and absurd trivia questions. The goal of the game is to make it out alive – even if you have to stab your friends in the back in order to survive and escape “The Killing Floor”. But whoever said that (after)life is fair? Or that ghosts of the past won’t come back to kick your butt?

The audience can also participate by answering the questions on their phones, and guessing which players will die in the next round. BUT! If the audience collectively receives a lower score than the players – everyone dies.

Trivia Murder Party will be held on the big screen on the Main Stage and all you need to participate is a phone!

Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Main Stage, Amfisalen