Treasure map from Torucon's 2015 promotion video. The parchment map shows two castles, a scroll and a river. Red dots are scattered in a line, showing where to go


In the months leading up to Torucon, some of you have been searching for clues. Now it's time to look for treasure.
Every year our decoration squad  works long and hard on secrets and little treasures which will be hidden all around Torucon. These treasures can turn up in the strangest of places, and it is up to you to discover them!
This year PHNX Initiative and Ordo Ursa coins are scattered all around in need of collecting.

Bring your friends and family and start a search party, or look on your own. The person or team with the most coins at the end of the day, will be crowned winner at the end of the day, during the Award ceremony.

And look, the coins are different on Sunday and Saturday, so there's no point saving some for the next day.