On the left a drawing made in traditional media and the right side shows a drawing made digitally, on each side of the drawings are photos of the artists

Digital v.s Traditional - drawing panel

Helen Kaldheim og Katrine Pagiwan Helland, also known as Heil Peach and Katrinu Chan are ready to host a drawing panel at Torucon 2019!

Katrine is a traditional artist and Helen is a digial illustrator. We would like to teach the different qualities of the two art forms, and how you can master the different drawing techniques. Our goal is to help people find the technique that suits them the best, and to guide them through how to get started, and which tools you need.
We are both educated within our respective fields, and have worked with this for a long time, both before and after our education.

Time: Sunday, 13:30
Cosmos C

About the panelists:

We both starteed drawing from the moment we first held a pencil in our hand. Once comics, games and DeviantArt were discovered, the drawing escalated and the hobby turned into a passion.

Both of us work in our respective fields. Katrine is a master of traditional drawing, and Helene works mostly with digital drawings. If we are to talk about which types of drawings we create, then Katrine is hte artist and Helene is the comic artist.
We are both driven by the joy of creation. Helene builds an entire world through her comic, and Katrine creates eye-catching and decorative pieces of art which require you to study them for a while in order to catch all the details.

Helene is an educated illustration and has worked as a teacher of comics. She is now working as a self-employed cartoonist, and recently won 3rd place in Egmont's Visual Storytelling compeetition.
Katrine is an educated artist and takes commissions and projects from private and public people and corporations.

Together, the two of us also teach, as well as host panels at conventions and other events.

Follow them on social media:

Katrine on IG: @Katrinuchan
Helene on IG: @Heliheart
Helene on Youtube: Heli Peach

Text/Photos: Helen Kaldheim og Katrine Pagiwan Helland. Translation by Torucon.