Torucon in the People’s Parade – May 17th 2016

Tuesday May 17th started out with what seemed like typical Trondheim-weather; grey, cold and slightly wet, but that was no hindrance to the cosplayers of Trondheim when it came to meeting up next to the Nidaros Cathedral in order to participate in what has become a popular tradition here in Trondheim: Torucon’s attendance in the People’s parade as part of the celebration of Constitution Day.
The Trondheim People’s parade is long since famous for its somewhat untraditional entourage, with all kinds of colorful organizations and communities attending, from the city’s soccer team to the student orchestras, but perhaps more than anything; Nordic Garrison – the Star Wars enthusiasts who are part of a world-spanning organizations of ‘bad guys doing good’. This year marked Nordic Garrison’s 8th consecutive participation in the parade, and they are still just as popular among the crowds, who gladly reached out to high five Darth and his crew as they strode down the streets.

If something has been done twice , we consider it tradition, and true to this tradition, Torucon’s banner could be seen blowing in the wind behind Nordic Garrison, closely followed by Hexagon Spillklubb (Hexagon gameclub) – the crème of nerdy culture all assembled.
A large part of Torucon’s history is the explosive growth that our events and organization has seen, and the participation in the May 17th parade is no exception to this rule; from 2014 to 2015 the number of participants had doubled, with over 90 people joining us. This year, our jaws almost dropped as we saw how many had already assembled at the designated meeting spot when the board arrived at the scene – with more and more people joining us. At this point there is no exact number of how many joined us in the parade this year, but a simple overview tells us that it was somewhere around 150 people!
It can be no wonder then, that the board led the group with the biggest grins in town, despite the icy wind and the threatening droplets of rain that never allowed any sense of security.

Without doubt, Torucon was the largest assembly in this year’s People’s parade, and a natural focus point for the audiences watching from the sidewalks – especially the kids of the 80s and 90s cheered a little louder than the rest for such characters as Sonic the Hedgehog, while the youngest viewers were charmed by colorful kigurumis and fursuits.  In the lead was chief of volunteers  - and for the occasion; chief of cheers, Timo, stylishly adorned in a banana costume, making sure that no face was left without  a trace of a smile.
Doubtlessly, our entourage was also the loudest, with ecstatic cries of “hurra!” (Hooray) and spontaneous outbursts of beloved songs from Pokèmon, Mulan and….Rick Astley.

When the parade reached the city square, the rounds were not complete without cheering extra loudly as we passed the Mayor’s podium, making sure that we sincerely thanked the Mayor and County for the cultural support  which makes it possible for us to arrange Torucon year after year, and fill our city with fantastic nerdy culture.

As the parade returned up Munkegata, it started to disperse, while Torucon’s entourage continued parading through the streets, still cherring, on our way to the cathedral where, strictly according to tradition, group photo shoots soon commenced, followed by various photographing of Torucon’s board members and volunteers, as well as various cosplay groups. From time to time, the sun even broke through the clouds, giving us a wonderful end to the festivities.
Nothing warms an arranger-heart like seeing loads of happy cosplayers heading out to continue their celebrations, while talking about how much fun they’ve had during the day!
We would like to thank everyone for being able to have a wonderful celebration with all of you, and we believe that next year will be even greater a celebration!

This article was originally posted in May 2016.
Photo: Timo Jawansky


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