Torucon hosted mini conventions

Torucon hosted mini-conventions at ISAK

The winter season can easily become long and grey for a cosplayer, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to travel abroad to attend conventions outside of Norway.
We as arrangers also often find the time between events to grow long, and so we decided to do something about it.
So when the autumn storms began to howl through Trondheim’s streets, and the Christmas snow fell over the city, we threw some mini cons at ISAK, the cultural center!
In October, we kicked off Toruween. Toruween is a Hallowen-based event, which was something we’d wanted to do for a long time. In the days leading up to Halloween, our dedicated crew members worked hard in ISAK’s basement floors, building decorations, sound installations as well as constructing and painting walls. The usually cozy nook known as Klubben on the 1st floor was transformed into a horrid haunted house, where the only source of light was a measly glow stick.

Toruween was intended to be a relatively small event, but the enthusiasm was massive, and pretty soon our facebook event had a whopping 300 attendees!
We rejoiced over the engagement, and hoped that the event would meet expectations.
Luckily, everyone seemed to have a great time, even though we aimed for more horror and scares than “kos” on this particular October night.

The program started at six pm, with the doors opening an hour earlier. Soon, the venue was filled with people both in costume and regular clothing.
While the main stage in Amfisalen offered a horror quiz and costume competition, the Trondheim based bands Venner and Hemlock Trio held concerts in Coffee Annnan.
One floor down the haunted house was running at full steam, and people lined up for long spans of time in order to get in again and again!

The winners of the evening’s competitions were announced during the ending ceremony.
After the winners had been presented with prizes and glory, the hosts of the evening had a small surprise for those who had assembled at the main stage:
We simply couldn’t hold back, and so we announced the theme of Torucon 2015!
Cheers shook the room when Kaptein Sabeltann (and company) appeared in the promotional video for Torucon 2015: Outlaws, Pirates & Bandits.

The final thing on the program was film screening; with a proper horror film in the upstairs AV room, and the animation feature Paranorman on the main stage.

The fun however, did not end there!
December 29th, known as the fifth day of Christmas in Norway, Torucon once again took ISAK, this time for the miniature event known as ToruJôl.
Unlike at Toruween, “kos” was at the center of this event; ISAK was decorated from floor to ceiling with ornaments and lights, Christmas tree standing tall in the foyer and soft Christmas music and the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy in harmony streaming from the café speakers.
The tables were set with ginger bread cookies, while Coffee Annan served up nachos and cakes to balance out the Christmas dinners.
Due to limited crew on both ISAK and our parts, the tickets were limited to only 100 guests, which made ToruJôl feel both intimate and cozy, mainly situated inside the café, as well as in the foyer outside.
Programwise, a fairly casual, walk-on cosplay contest was held, where nine contestants in spectacular costumes had the chance to show off on stage.
The much-deserved victory went to Ronja Slettås, with her original Jackalope character,

We also had a Christmas quiz, with Aslak as its quizmaster, accompanied by the Jeopardy theme repeated in infinity throughout the quiz, which soon was fondly nicknamed ‘Quizmas’.
The quiz contained a variety of questions about Yuletide customes around the globe. Afterwards, the teams scored each other, whilst the answers were announced from the stage.

A lucky birthdayboy was also allowed up on stage to be honored a little extra with song and cheers.
After the award ceremony we thanked everyone for coming, and people started to pack up, but many chose to remain sitting until the café closed at 11pm.

Torucon would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit both events, and we hope to see you again in 2015! We are honored that these two small events have been met with such enthusiasm, and became this popular. Hopefully, we will be able to keep arranging mini cons in addition to our main convention.

This article was originally published in December 2014

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