Dragonrider Cosplay dresssed as Zoya from Glow in a fur headband, black coat with a red collar, stares intensely into the camera

Thrifting for Cosplay

Second-hand items are a cosplayer’s best friend! In this panel about thrifting for cosplay I will be exploring how using thrift shops and online resellers can help save money on materials for cosplay, improve
your understanding of patterning clothes, as well as help reduce our contribution as a community to the fast fashion industry. I use some charity shop items in most cosplays I create. There are more uses for second-hand items in cosplay than you think!

This panel will be in English.
Sunday, 14:30
Cosmos D

About the panelist:

I started cosplaying in 2014 and quickly realised I wanted to continue making costumes and I wanted to improve. I learned everything I know now either from Youtube, other cosplayers or good old
research. I work with a mixture of skills: sewing, leatherworking, altering pre-bought pieces and, more recently, prop making and patterning. I love detail-oriented designs and I enjoy bringing characters to life with makeup, wigs and posing. I was a complete sewing beginner when I started, and one of the things that helped me improve the most was altering or using existing clothes as a
pattern; which I continue doing to this day, along with creating detailed and accurate costumes from scratch.

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Photo:  Matthew Elliot Photography