An outstretched hand is being grasped by another hand, and having a ring placed on its ring finger.

The ToruShip

We all have that one OTP, or maybe you ship two characters that absolutely do not go together? Have you always wanted to see Professor Snape marry Gary Oak? Or to see Joffrey as a bridesmaid? In that case, the Toruship is the answer to all of your dreams!

Our Toru-priests are eagerly awaiting you in Space, to wed all kinds of couples. Drop in in cosplay (or without, love has no limits after all!) and get hitched in nerdy matrimony, as many times as you want with as many partners as you wish! The Ship is fully equipped with romance, props and even marriage certificates!

More information about who this year's Torupriests will be, and the schedule, will be available shortly.