Painting showing a fjord beneath blue skies and white clouds, with green hills reaching down towards the water. Signed D.I.E


The 1st of November we open the exhibition of the works of Daniel Isaac Evans in Klubben in ISAK. The gallery will exhibit 11 paintings which exemplify his artistic development. Daniel E. was a painter who was active from 1995 until 2017, when he disappeared. During the last two years no on has heard from him and he is presumed dead.
The exhibition is presented by Julia Walsh, one of Daniels cousins, who have taken over his estate after his disappearance.
For this exhibition you will be equipped with headsets that give you a guided tour through the rooms and artworks. If you have any phobias or fear you should talk with the gallery guard before you enter the gallery.
Guests will be admitted in groups of four.
'Redglen Vista' 1997
'Skywward Autumn' 1999
'Stone wall meadows' 2003
'Details of pine' 2009
'Double sunset' 2010
'Cliffs of Fasnö' 2010
'Spring below' 2010
Artworks without signatures that were found in Daniel Evans home
'Red river in dark landscape' ca. 2014-17
'Purple vines' ca. 2014-17
'Flying creatures over a red sea' ca. 2014-17
'Unfinished self portrait' ca. 2017
Opening Hours: 18:00-21:00