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Snowcastle Games

Snowcastle Games is one of the game developers you'll be able to find in our Arcade at Torucon this year!

Snowcastle Games is an independent game developer based in Oslo, Norway. After being founded in 2009, Snowcastle Games launched their first feature title in 2011; Hogworld: Gnart’s Adventure, which claimed a spot on the App Store Best of 2011 List.
Snowcastle Games completed their production of Earthlock: Festival of Magic in September of 2016, and re-released the extended edition titled Earthlock in March of 2018. Earthlock was a passion project inspired by the developer’s childhood favorites.
The game is a westernized turn-based RPG which in subtle ways reveals its Scandinavian origin, both in art direction and story. After overcoming all the struggles that came with opening up an independent game development studio in Norway and financing a major project with next to no track record, the game is now available on PC,
Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The Snowcastle founders started off with the intention of creating their own dream jobs.  They wanted to create games they loved and would want to play themselves. Earthlock
is the result of a collective development process by the whole team. Inspired by nostalgic JRPGs, Snowcastle brought their own style into household name game genre.
Almost ten years after starting Snowcastle, they still hold the same values close to heart. The original team had minimal prior development experience, but their
persistence and distinct style has attracted several industry veterans who have switched to this little game studio in Norway.
Currently, Snowcastle Games is focused on developing our next title - Earthlock 2.  Earthlock 2 will be developed by the same team, but with more experience and in the
Unreal Engine.

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