Here you can see an overview of the most recently added entries in our programme for Toruween. Click on the title of each category to see the full list of entries in that category. This site is updated continuously.

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  • Barn i kostymer på scenen under Chibi Catwalk

    Chibi Catwalk As we all know, there is no age limit when it comes to cosplay and costumes, and we love seeing young and old enthusiasts alike at Torucon. Therefore we would once again like to invite the youngest participants to sign up for our Chibi-Catwalk,to show of their awesome costumes on stage! The Chibi-catwalk

  • Eske med Torucon-buttons i ulike farger. På et skilt står det 'selfie hunt'

    Selfiehunt Are you up for a challenge? Do you own a smart phone or other picture-taking device? Join the Torucon selfiehunt, and collect all of this year’s fancy buttons!   Torucrew are waiting for you at the Selfiehunt-stand to give you one challenge after the next; take a selfie with Professor Snape, the plant by


  • Karin Olava i stram giv-akt under sin performance i Cosplay master som Commander Shepard fra Mass Effect

    Cosplay & Craftmanship Competition Do you have a costume based on a character from your favorite tv-series/game/cartoon/anime/franchise? Would you like to show off your costume? In that case, our Cosplay- & Craftsmanship-competition might be right up your alley? Torucon is one of three conventions in Norway where you can qualify to the Nordic Cosplay Championship

  • En jente iført steampunk-antrkk står på scenen med armene utslått og et stort smil om munnen

    Costume Contest The costume contest will be a simple catwalk contest, where you can show off your costume, regardless of whether it is a traditional cosplay, a genderbend- or steampunk-version of a character, your own interpretation of an existing character, an original character, or simply a fancy outfit that is not based on any existing

  • Logo som består av en ambolt omkranset av et skjold og to sverd, med påskriften 'The Great Torucon Prop Off'

    The Great Torucon Prop-Off! Have you made an incredibly fancy prop for your costume? Have you ever gotten started on a costume without ever finishing it all? Or maybe you’ve got a really cool piece of armour that you’d love to show off? In that case, we have the perfect program event for you!  

  • Fjorårets vinnergruppe. Tre jenter utkledd som bestemødre i blomstrete kjoler, forklær, går parykker og briller danser foran en skjerm med teksten 'Torucons Kpop Dansekonkurranse"

    Kpop Dance Competition! Torucon’ss Kpop Dance Contest is back! This year the competition will have only one round, which means everyone will have a chance to showcase what they’ve prepared for the stage! Contest rules: Maximum 6 groups can sign up, and each group can have a maximum of 6 members and no less than

  • Skjermdump fra My Hero Academia. Fra venstre: Mina, Kaminari, Sato, Kirishia og Sero, alle ser sjokkerte og redde ut. Fargene er grå/blå, som om de er hugget i stein. Undertekst: "Frankly, it'll be tougher than the extra lessons you'd get at at school."

    Animequiz Welcome to Torucon’s infamous animequiz! This is the place to truly put your anime knowledge and trivia to the test as you are served questions from an array of genres and a mix of films and series old and new. A little difficult, a dash of nostalgia and super fun! This year like the