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The programme for Torucon 2020: Celebration! will be announced at a later date.

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  • En mystisk og trolsk skog, innyllet i blå-grønne toner. I midten danner det seg en åpning av lys

    Changeling: The Lost As an infant you were kidnapped by mystical fae living undergrown, but you have escaped! However, not without having been affected by your upbringing in Faerie…You are back in the world where you were born, but you find yourself a stranger in a strange land. Hexagon’s game master is ready in Grupperommet

  • En mørk trappeoppgang med tekst trykket over. Teksten lyder 'Ghoostbusters Ghost Tour Experience II" og har en figur av et forbudtskilt med et spøkelse inni

    Ghosttour Experience II Trondheim Ghostbusters are once again searching for eager recruits to help them clear out ghosts and spirits from ISAK’s darkest nooks and crannies. After the events that took place here a couple of years ago, something new and terrifying has taken residence within ISAK’s walls. Reports are coming in about inexplainable noises,

  • Brettspliing hos Hexagon i Space. Tre personer sitter rundt et bord og spiller.

    Brettspill Come in and have a seat in our board game room, where you can join a game of cards or delve into a board game, both in the spirit of Halloween and other thematic wonders. We’re honored to be joined by our friends from the game organization Hexagon Spillklubb, who are bringing a selection

  • 👻TORUWEEN'S KPOP-ROULETTE👻 We wish you welcome to a night full of Kpop and good times! This year we’ve got Dj Helle and Astrid with us. They’ve prepared two Kpop mixes full of scary tunes! If you’re into movies full of werewoves🐺, vampires🧛‍♂️ or zombies🧟‍♂️, the Trick mix is right up your alley!  Or do you

  • Maleri som viser en fjord med blå himmel og skyer, med åssider og grantrær som strekker seg ned mot vannet. Maleriet er signert D.I.E

    Galleriet The 1st of November we open the exhibition of the works of Daniel Isaac Evans in Klubben in ISAK. The gallery will exhibit 11 paintings which exemplify his artistic development. Daniel E. was a painter who was active from 1995 until 2017, when he disappeared. During the last two years no on has heard


  • Fra Toruween 2017. En cosplayer på scenen som en egenkomponert karakter med en lysende stav i en hånd, og et underlig vesen i dukkeform i den andre. HUn har på seg en rød kappe, og huden en sminket blekt lilla. Hun har mørk sminke i ansiktet, lilla hår og horn.

    Cosplay & Costume Contest Of course we’re having a costume contest at Toruween! The contest will be held in a walk-on format, where each contestant gets around 30 seconds to go on stage, strike a pose and show off for the audience and judges. Strike a pose and maybe grab the mic to fire off

  • Fra filmen 'Skrik'. En blond jente i høyhalset strikkegenser snakker i telefonen og lener seg mot en kjøkkenbenk hvor det står en knivblokk.

    Horror quiz! “What’s your favorite scary movie?” Are you a true horror buff? We have a scarily good challenge for you! Come by the Main Stage at Toruween to try your skills in our Halloween Horror Quiz! Here you’ll be challenged in trivia on both old and new horror classics, and maybe you’ll get a

  • Svarthvitt-bilde av en skog med et tjern i forgrunn. I bakgrunnen mellom trærne skimtes en skikkelse som minner om en svært lang mann i dress. Slenderman.

    Writing Competition: Creepypasta Love to write? Toruween invites all aspiring and experienced writers to submit their short or slightly longer stories to our Creepypasta contest! Creepypasta is an online phenomenon well known to many – modern legends and myths that take the form of stories published or read online. The stories can be rooted in