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  • Peter Sörensen i sitt Mechanicus Magos kostyme. Han har lysende gule øyne, og ansiktet er mørkelagt. Han har på seg en lang, rød kappe med hette, og fire mekaniske armer slynger seg ut av ryggen hans

    Cosplaytronics This is the wonderful, magical and hopefully also comprehensible panel introducing the mysteries of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics for cosplay. or simply cosplaytronics if […]

  • Ekaterina holder tommel og pekefinger i en L-form opp mot kamera. Hun har står med et VR-headset på hodet, kledd i en lilla genser. En tykk flette er slengt over venstre skulder.

    Virtual and Augmented Reality: New Horizons Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) is not only used for gaming, but also for learning, exercise, carriere guidance, medicinal […]

  • Emilcosplay kledd som Kinoshita fra Haikyuu, i svart og oransje volleyball-uniform. Tallet 2 skrevet på brystet. Lysegrå parykk og et uttrykk som lyser av selvtillit. Han har en volleyball under armen.

    Sports in Anime Swimming. Figure skating. American Football. Tennis. Basketball. You can find anime about all of these, and several other sports genres! What is […]

  • Bellonribbon Cosplay dressed as River Song from Doctor Who. She is posing in front of a metal fence, hands confidently on her hips. Her confident gaze is fixed straight ahead. She is dressed iin earthly tones and has large, bushy hair with a reddish tint

    Wigs 101: A beginner's guide Tips and tricks you need to know when you are getting down to business to style a wig. How to […]

  • Photoshop 101 If you are completely new to Photoshop this is the panel for you. Julie will show the tools she uses for her editing […]


  • En rekke flasker med mystiske væsker står på et hvitt brett med en rød duk under. De er merket med spørsmålstegn

    ToruQuest Welcome to the intergalactic space academy, cadet! This is YOUR chance to prove that you deserve your place in the intergalactic garrison! Perform your […]

  • Din pil og bue er rettet mot fiender i et grått sci-fi varehus. Ved siden av deg er det en lagkamerat som sikter mot de samme fiendene.

    Arcade! As in previous years, we are delighted to welcome Norwegian game developers to Torucon 2018 to showcase their work. When it comes to “Torucon: […]

  • Fateful Fumble – Live D&D roleplay Fateful Fumble will be entertaining us with a live role playing show at Torucon this year, and preparations have […]

  • Live Show: The CosCast! The CosCast is back at Torucon wiht their popular live show, which you can catch both live as a guest at […]

  • Kpop Dance Roulette! Kpop Dance Roulette is back at Torucon! The past two years we’ve had a massive success with this program event, and we […]


  • Fantasyquiz! Do you hold vast knowledge of the many worlds of fantasy and sci-fi? From the dearly beloved myths of Tolkien to the most obscure […]

  • En haug med kontrollere tilhørende ulike spillkonsoller henslengt oppå hverandre

    Mystery Game Tournament A new challenge approaches! “Mystery Games” will be held at the Arcade! Mystery Games is a tournament in over 30 different video […]

  • To cosplayere kledd som Weeping Angels fra Doctor Who står på hver sin side av en Tardis og forsøker å velte den. Bildet er tatt utenførs, med to murbygninger i bakgrunnen.

    Couple Cosplay Competition! This year we are trying our hands at a completely new cosplay competition, where you can participate in pairs! You don’t need […]

  • Din pil og bue er rettet mot fiender i et grått sci-fi varehus. Ved siden av deg er det en lagkamerat som sikter mot de samme fiendene.

    Arcade Game Hunt! This year the Arcade will be stuffed with games from Trøndelag. On Saturday we therefore invite you to join the Arcade Game […]

  • Assorterte Pokèmonkort som er slengt tilfeldig oppå hverandre

    Pokèmon TCG tournament! We hereby invite all aspiring Pokémon masters, young and old, to compete in our very own tournament for Pokémon TCG, where this […]


  • Liv og røre på scenen! Midt på scenen står en fyr i krone, med munnen full av marshmallows og hendene strekt i været. Bak ham står en langhåret fyr med lue også med hendene i været. Crew er også på scenen. Alle smiler

    Torucon Gameshow Everyone knows that Norwegians are born with skis. But are we the best at everything else? These are questions that we in Torucon […]

  • Open Mic   So you have a particular talent you would like to showcase at Torucon? Can you spellbind an audience with song and music? […]

  • Trailershow! Representatives from our good friends at Trondheim Kino (Trondheim Cinema) are back at Torucon to talk a little about and show some fresh trailers […]

  • Chibi Catwalk!   As we all know, there is no age limit when it comes to cosplay and costumes, and we love seeing young and […]