Practical convention information [2018!]

Practical convention information

We strongly encourage that you read this whole post, as we might not be available to answer online questions during the actual convention. You may also see our FAQ before contacting us 🙂

*Program:  (Can also be downloaded as pdf or found at the info desk)

Tickets and entry:

*We are utilizing the hotel’s congress entrance, that is the door closest to the fjord, under the text that reads ‘Clarion Hotell og Congress Trondheim’. Just inside the door, you will find our ticket- and weapons-check, information and medic desks .

*Tickets can be purchased online all through the weekend, and even at the door; long lines may occur, so arrive in good time. We take cash and credit/debit cards. Not that if you purchase your ticket at the door, there will be an additional 50, NOK fee added.

*Purchase tickets online here.

*You can download your ticket as a pdf, or print it out and show it to us at the door. Remember to bring valid identification with you!

*Companion certificates: We accept state-issued companion certificates (ledsagerbevis) at Torucon! The certificate holder will have to pay the full ticket price, and the companion will get free admittance. Note that the companion certificates are only accepted in the following formats;

  • Plastic card with printed name and picture
  • Paper certificate with name, picture and an official stamp for the county that issued the certificate
  • Other formats will be accepted if presented with a valid ID, i.e. debit card, passport or school ID with picture

* T-shirts will be sold at the info desk.


* The hotel’s parking garage is available  (230;- NOK a day), and there is paid parking located in the vicinity.

Public transportation:

*ATB’s bus line #3 from the city center: stops right near the hotel. The stop is called ‘Brattøra’.
*AtB’s bus line #46 from the city center: ride until the final stop ‘Pirbadet’ which is right next to the hotel.
*Other bus routes can be found at
Train: Trondheim Central Station is a short 10-minute walk away from the hotel.


*The closest mini bank can be found at the central Station. Bring cash!

Groceries and stores:
* The grocery store Rema 1000 is located right across the street from the hotel. Note that the store closes at 18:00 on Saturday, and is closed on Sunday.
* The ice cream stall Simens Isbar at Brattøra are having an offer on ice cream/milkshakes for our guests.
* The shopping center ‘Solsiden’ is located a short walk away from the hotel, in the direction of the city center.

*Hotel discount and other information:

Inside the venue:

* We have a coat room available if you want to store your jackets/bags etc.  The coat room is free, and is located inside Cosmos (the main hall), by the stage.

* Keep in mind that not all stands have card terminals available, so bring extra cash!

Programme and same day-registrations:

* You can download the Torucon program as a pdf here.
Printed programs will also be available at the info desk. Programs can also be found hanging at various locations around the venue.

*Chibi-catwalk:  Cosmos 16:00, Saturday and 14:30 Sunday. Register at the Infodesk until half an hour prior to the catwalk. Assemble at the backstage area at least 10 minutes prior to start.
(For children up to age 13)
Read more:

*Costume contest:  Cosmos, Sunday 16:30. Register at the infostand until 16:00.
Assemble at the backstage area at least 10 minutes prior to the contest.
Read more:

*Pokèmon 3DS Tournament: Saturday at 12:00 in Space 1. Registration takes place in the tournament room until 12:00. Contestants must be present by 12:15.
Read more:

*Pokèmon TCG Tournament: Sunday at 12:00 in Space 1. Registration takes place in the tournament room until 12:00. Contestants must be present by 12:15.
Read more:

*Arcade Torunaments:

Mystery Games: 10:00-18:00 at the Arcade.

Arcade Game Hunt: Saturday from 11:30 at the Arcade.

Drop-in Mario Kart 8-tournament: Sunday from 11:30 at the Arcade. Finals from 14:30.

*Vote for the FMV-contest submissions (last chance to vote August 11th at midnight):

*Additionally we have both an animequiz, fantasyquiz and videogame quiz and loads of activities you can join in on, so check our programme sites for more info!


Food & Drink:

*Be careful not to overheat! Remember to drink lots of water! Water stations will be clearly marked and are located throughout the venue. If you feel sick, please tell a medic!

*Also remember to eat! There are convenience stores around the venue. The hotel will be serving food for our guests in their restaurant. On Saturday from 16:00-18:00 there will be a pasta buffet, 145;- NOK per person. On Sunday from 15:00-17:30 there will be a taco buffet at 155;- per person.

*Our crew is there to help you! Can’t find your way? Ask the info desk, or find a crew-member!


*Con is not consent: Behave respectfully and nicely towards one another! Ask before you take a photo of someone else, and for permission to upload them online. Respect other people’s personal boundaries, and don’t act in ways that can be perceived as uncomfortable or rude.
Free Hugs? Stand still in one place and let people hug YOU. Respect that some people don’t like physical contact, and that no means no, in all instances.

*In the event that anyone harasses you or in any way makes you feel uncomfortable; LET US KNOW. Tell a crew member, or grab a guard. We will deal with the situation appropriately.
Worst case scenario, persons causing disturbance or bothering others will be asked to leave the premises.

*Smoking and other stimulants of any kinds, are strictly forbidden at Torucon, and our venue. If we have reason to believe that someone is under the influence, or catch you smoking, this may lead to being evicted from the premises.

*If you see anyone who seems a bit sad or lonely, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them! Maybe you will get a new friend! Let a crew member/medic know if you see someone in need of assistance, or feeling unwell.

*This year’s friending thread’

*Read more about behavior and consequences HERE.



*See separate post from earlier about Props and Weapons FAQ.

*Weapon rules and general guidelines.

*This year we have decided to not allow soft guns/airsofts. Read about why in this post from earlier.

*Are you uncertain whether your weapon/prop is allowed? Stop by the guards in our weapons’ check, and show them your prop!

*If you have a weapon/prop that fails to comply with the rules, but is needed for your cosplay competition performance? The guards will take care of it for you, and make sure that you’re given them for the competition. After Torucon, you can pick them up at the weapons’ check.

* Important! We have been urged by the Trondheim police to remind you of the following:

1: All costume props that resemble real weapons (in particular guns) must not be visible when you are not inside of Torucon’s venue.

2: Any masks fully or partially concealing your face is forbidden outside of Torucon’s premises. The police needs to be able to identify anyone and everyone if necessary, and so according to Trondheim city’s regulations, it is considered illegal to conceal your face in public.

  1. The police have been informed, and are aware that Torucon is taking place this weekend, but we still encourage strongly to consider the two above statements when you are moving outside of the convention premises, and that you take the public sphere and other civilians into consideration.

Torucon is not responsible for any situations that may occur outside of our premises and venue.



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