Collage featuring portraits of Kristine Ask and Stine Moltubakk

Parents and gaming - Time for a truce?

Every so often, the media spouts articles focusing on the potential dangers of gaming - for instance addiction and violent behavior.
Various information material directed at parents often present games to them as something dangerous and unknown. But what happens when gamers become parents themselves? How do they lay down the rules for gaming in their own families, and do they have any lessons they can teach to non-gaming parents?
Stine and Kristine share their findings from an ongoing research project at NTNU, where they have talked with gamer parents.

About the panelists:

Stine T. Moltubakk is a university librarian at NTNU.
Kristine Ask is an Associate Professor at Tverrfaglige Kulturstudier (interdisciplinary cultural studies) at NTNU.
Both are part of, a blog where women with Masters or PhD degrees write about gaming, game research and gaming culture.
Spillpikene also take on various communication and speaking assignments, and have received financial backing from Fritt Ord in 2010 and 2016.


Time: Saturday, 15:30
Place: Cosmos C


Photo: Spillpikene