The Fuzzy Teddy as Fjord from Critical Role. He is all dressed up in leather armour, and taking a rest beneath a tree. His legs are crossed, and a sword rests on the ground beside him

Panel: Cosplay og Kroppsbilde

A talk about body image, cosplay culture and body positivity

It’s time to talk about body image. More specifically: Cosplay culture and body image. In this panel four cosplayers will talk about their experience with body image, how cosplay have affected this, and how they try to spread body positivity. Other things that will be discussed is body shaming, how to be more body neutral, and what we all can do to create a safer online space.

The panelists are very open to questions from the audience, so please participate if you have any questions or inputs!

This panel will be held in english.

Time: Satuday, 2pm
Main Stage, Cosmos


About the panelists: 

Inouchka / Raven has been cosplaying since 2009 and has been an advocate for body positivitiy ever since. She uses her platform as a cosplayer to spread the message that all bodies are good bodies and regularly talks about her own experiences, body positivity, fat acceptance and intuitive eating. In 2018 she started her own coaching company to help others break the cycle of dieting and make peace with their bodies. She is a cosplayer, coach and eating disorder survivor.

Teddy, or The Fuzzy Teddy, is an experienced cosplayer, and have personal experience with both cosplaying and thoughts about body image. He feels that this is something that influence a lot of people in the community, and that it is important to talk about this.

Trine, aka Athehra Cosplay, also have personal experience with thoughts around body image. She has been cosplaying for several years now, and wants to join this talk about how these two things affect each other.

Rin, aka Rinbeastie has been in the cosplay community since 2008, but has been making cosplays since the mid 90's. They have have struggled with weight and body dysphoria and are very passionate about making cosplay less about what nature has given you, and more about what you make it.

Photo: Polly Cosplay Photography