A person on stage in costume, playing the guitar and singing during Open Mic

Open Stage!

Open stage is an opportunity for those who want to get up on stage and show off their talent.


Have you made a stage show, but you’re not competing?

Can you play an instrument or sing something?

Do you have some really clever jokes up your sleeve?

Have you learned some sick dance moves?

Come to open stage!


There are no requirements of how skilled you are at this and that, there will be no judging. Come the way you are and contribute what you want, this’ll be fun for everyone. Previously we have seen everything from opera and classical piano, to dance shows, an ocarina performance, and some really dry jokes. Your imagination is the limit!


From this year on, open stage will be open on the day itself, no signing up beforehand required! Just come backstage during open stage, or a little before, and you will be given the microphones and guidance you need to perform.


No signing up beforehand does unfortunately mean we can’t receive files of any type. If you’re wanting music to support your performance, make sure that the song is available on spotify, and we can play it for you. We will not be using other websites or other sources, so be certain the file is on spotify before asking.


We look forward to seeing what you want to show off!

Photo: Runa Green