Raven Star Cosplay as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn poses in front of a pink sunset

Body Positivity - Why Fat is not an F-word

In this panel, cosplayer Raven (a trained body positivity and intuitive eating coach) takes you through the basics of body positivity. What IS body positivity? And, perhaps more importantly, what is it not?
And how can you be more body positive in daily life and cosplay?
Raven is an experienced cosplayer, bopo coach and ED survivor.

Note: This lecture will be in English.

Time Sunday, 14:00
Place: Cosmos C

About the lecturer:

Inouchka / Raven has been cosplaying since 2009 and has been an advocate for body positivitiy ever since. She uses her platform as a cosplayer to spread the message that all bodies are good bodies
and regularly talks about her own experiences, body positivity, fat acceptance and intuitive eating. In 2018 she started herĀ  own coaching company to help others break the cycle of dieting and make peace with
their bodies. She is a cosplayer, coach and eating disorder survivor.

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Photo: Miradel