Kpop dancers against a surreal backdrop


We wish you welcome to a night full of Kpop and good times!
This year we've got Dj Helle and Astrid with us. They've prepared two Kpop mixes full of scary tunes!
If you're into movies full of werewoves🐺, vampires🧛‍♂️ or zombies🧟‍♂️, the Trick mix is right up your alley!  Or do you prefer super heroes 🦸‍♀️ who live dangerously⚠️?

There's also a Treat mix if you'd rather eat lots of sweets 😋🍭 Here you'll find many veryveryvery sweet and romantic songs💕❗️ Both old and new dances will be included, so come and cheer up with us!

Don't be sad if you're not able to dance during the mixes, because in-between we will give you the chance to play your favorite songs if you have something you want to show off or just want to hear a song!

Come dance the night away with us at Toruween!💃

Dj Helle ft. Astrid is a DJ Duo who host Kpop Dance Roulettes at ISAK every month. Check them out on facebook!
Time: 18:00 (Trick mix) 19:30 (Treat Mix)
Speilsalen, U2