A city scape from South Korea, trees illuminated in pink and blue neon colours, skyscrapers in the background. To the front, a blonde girl wiht her back turned

Kpop & Korea

Hanne Nordskag also known as Ookami has lived and studied in Korea and is coming to Torucon to talk about Kpop and Korean culture.

In this presentation she will talk about what it's like living in South Korea; what to consider in advance, and what to expect. She will bring her best tips and tricks on a variety of aspects about the life in Korea!

Time: Sunday, 15:30
Cosmos C

About the panelist:

Hanne has live and studied in South Korea for 9 months. She has experienced the country and culture up close, and can answer all your questions about school and studies, culture and what life in South Korea is like.


Photo: Hanne Nordskag