Last year's winner group on stage. Three girls are dressed up as grandmas in slippers, floral dresses, aprons, wigs and glasses, dancing in front of a screen that reads 'Torucon's Kpop Dance Contest'

Kpop Dance Competition!

Torucon'ss Kpop Dance Contest is back!

This year the competition will have only one round, which means everyone will have a chance to showcase what they've prepared for the stage!

Contest rules:

Maximum 6 groups can sign up, and each group can have a maximum of 6 members and no less than 2.

The group is free to choose the song they want to dance to, but the song cannot exceed 4 minutes.

This year we have new expectations when it comes to choreography; we ask the groups to add or change the choreography of their song. The group can choose to change all of or the majority of a choreography, or add choreo in the for of a dance break, intro or outro. There's no maximum limit on how much of the choreography can be changed; this is up to the respective groups, but each group needs to choreograph at least 15-20 seconds of the choreo themselves.

Groups are free to choose the song they want to dance to, and whether they want to learn the existing choreography and add to or change it. You can i.e add a dance break, an intro or an outro, or partially change the existing choreography.

The minimum demand is to have changed/added/choreographed 15-20 seconds of the dance.

Our judges will deliberate when all groups have performed, and will announce a Champion and a Runner Up.

Registration info:

All slots are now taken and the form is CLOSED.

The registered Groups will be receiving an e-mail with more information from our Kpop chief. Make sure you have whitelisted, so the e-mail doesn't end up in your spam filter.


Information about time/place to be announced.



Photo: Silje Bullgård / Torucon