Image with text: K-pop Dance Roulette. In front are animated silhouettes of school girls rocking out in front of a stage

K-pop Roulette!

Simultaneously as the announcement of our very first dance contest, we are presenting an alternative for those of you who'd like to dance, but not compete.
This year, just like before, we are of course bringing back the K-pop Roulette! This year the K-pop Roulette will take place on Sunday only. And like before, we will be publishing a form where you can suggest songs for the roulette. The songs with the most nominations will be included in the roulette.

Each month from April to July we will open a form where you can suggest your favorite songs. You can suggest multiple songs and post your suggestions multiple times!

The request form for June is now open. Nominate your favorites HERE!

Time: Sunday, 16:30
Place: The Main Stage, Cosmos.