Bilde med skrift: K-pop Dansekonkurranse Torucon 2019 bakgrunnen viser en UFO

K-pop Dance Contest!

The Torucon K-pop crew are proud to anounce Torucon's very first K-pop Dance Contest!

The contest will take place on the Main Stage, where up to 6 groups of 2-6 members can sign up to compete. Each group will perform two songs of max 3.50 minutes.

The contest will be divided into two rounds; the qualifying round and the final round. In the qualifying round you will perform a k-pop dance freely interpreting the concept and choreography, which means you will be judged based on your choreography execution as well as synchronization. In the final round you will perform a dance which also has a set concept.

Detailed info and registration:

Each group must have between 2 and 6 members. You also need to have a group name and a designated group leader. In the registration form you are required to state your group name and the contact info of your group leader, as well as information about each member.

The competition has two rounds; one qualifying round and one finale.

In the qualifying round you will be performing to a song of your choice with free interpretation of the concept and choreography. This means that you can perform the dance in such a way that it matches your style and personality, but it is still required that you dance the choreography accurately and are in sync.
After the qualifying round, 3 of the groups will advance to the final.

In the final round you will be performing to a song of your choice where you will be matching a concept, but take inspiration from this year’s Torucon theme, then turn the concept upside-down: Example: Monster by Exo, only aeygo. Or, Catallena by Orange Caramel, but seriously.
We would like to stress that you have the freedom to be as creative as you can; the important thing is that the concept is twisted into a different direction.

In the registration form we will need your group name, the name of all your members as well as contact information.
We will also be needed the names and artists of the songs you choose to perform to.
The groups who sign up will be receiving an e-mail from our K-pop Crew with more information  about how it will all go down at Torucon.

Thank you for your interest, and we are looking forward to seeing your performances!

Register your group HERE!


Time: Saturday, 15:30 (round 1), 16:30 (round 2)
Main Stage, Cosmos