Tillytilde dressed as Joel from The Last of Us in military garb and a grey-ish beard. One arm is bandaged .She is aimng a gun at something outside the frame

TillyTilde Cosplay

Mathilde Langfeldt går is known by the alias TillyTilde Cosplay.

She was first introduced to the cosplay community in 2010, and started doing some simple cosplays from there, but it wasn't until 2014 that she started getting properly into it.
The aspects she works on the most are Performance and paintjobs/weathering. As a teenager, TillyTilde used to do a lot of theater, and loved being on stage.  However, she developed a bad case of stage fright after a few years, but tells us that cosplay performance became a way to once again feel safe on stage. And now she's always having a great time performing on stage.

When it comes to paintjobs, sitting down to paint is something that both relaxes TillyTilde as well as giving her a feeling of empowerment. She's been painting miniatures since the age of 10, and draws on this expeiencce when painting props and costumes.

She has a three year background in theater, and three years of media studies on her back. In the future, she is considering going back to school to study costume making or technical arts.

TillyTilde has competed in a variety of cosplay and performance competitions since 2015.


Photo: Ookami Cosplay Photography

Disse rollene har TillyTilde Cosplay under Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets:

  • Dommer - "Kostymekonkurranse"