CeceTori as Belle from Beauty & the Beast (2017). She is sitting in an idyllic green landscape, with a book open in her lap


Cecilie, also known as Cece Tori or Cece in the cosplay community, is 19 years old and from Oslo. She attended her first convention in 2011, but didn't actively start participating in the community until a few years later. In 2015 she got her first (working) sewing machine and the interest in cosplay and sewing soared. Now she's been attending the Design & Textiles course at Edvard Munch upper secondary school, and aquired new sewing skills from there.
Soon she will be enrolled in the cosplay course at Hardanger FHS, and is looking forward to a year filled with cosplay.

Since an early age, fiction and geek culture has been a big inspiration in CeceTori's life. From fairy tales to Disney to anime and manga, movies and series and all kinds of other media.
She discovered cosplay via her sister and second cousin who were attending conventions in cosplay, and through her interest in anime and Japanese culture. The cosplay community has been influential in Cecilie's life. It has given her courage to evolve, room to expand her comfort zone within safe limits, and friends for life.

At Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets she will step into the role as Judge for the first time in a cosplay competition, judging the Classic category.


Photo; Rojano Photo

CeceTori has the following roles during Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets:

  • Judge - Cosplay & Craftmanship Classic