Portrait photo of Bettcanard's impressive Grunt cosplay from Mass Effect. The costume is a full-scale suit and head made in intricate detail


I started cosplaying in 2011

I mostly work with foam, sculpting, make-up and performance, but if I have to pick one favorite, it's foam at the moment.

Foam is cheap, and it's a light material where you for the most part can only sculpt "away" material. This can be a challenge, but after working with it for a few years, I have found new and better ways to utilize foam as a material of choice. I feel like materials are always more than what meets the eye; for instance there are so many different ways to texture them. I'm just thirsting to learn more.

I'm educated as a chef, and I also have a BA in Masking and Hair Desgin (Maske og Hårdesign). I currently work with special effects and costumes in film and TV.

I have competed in multiple competitions, notably NCC 2017 and I was the 2018 winner of Torucon's Cosplay & Craftmanship Master category, and will be representing Norway again at the 2019 NCC.

I love constructing a performance and have a lot of appreciation for the performance part of cosplay, where you can truly act out the character you have spent hours upon hours creating.
Therefore I judged competitions on multiple occasions and know the importance of every element behind the cosplay you see up on stage. This year I am honored to be a judge at Torucon, and to be allowed part in deciding who will represent Norway at the NCC in 2020.

Edit 28th July: Bettcanard took the 1st place at NCC 2019, and is hereby the reigning Nordic Master of Cosplay

Photo: Cosplay Studio

Bettcanard has the following roles at Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets:

  • Judge - "Cosplay & Craftmanship Master"