Andy Valentine dressed as a viking screaming towards the sky

Introduction to 3D modeling

In this panel you can learn some of the processes used to model props for 3D printing by watching the process being done live. We'll be modeling a new prop from scratch and introducing you to a variety of skills and techniques to get up and running with the software and to develop a good understanding of what it takes to make good 3D props.

This presentation will be in English.

Time: Saturday, 4:30 pm
Place: Cosmos D

About the panelist:

I’ve been cosplaying for just over six years and in that time have experimented and worked with most materials available - from silks to sheet metal - but these days typically favour the wide field of leatherwork
for costuming, and the process behind creating beautifully detailed and accurate props utilising 3D modelling, printing, and casting.

I adore outfits and props that capture tiny details and intricacies, and that are made to a high level of final finish, appropriate to the source material.

Photo: Matthew Elliot Photography