Ingrid Winsland, dressed as Inquisitor Cadash from Dragon Age Inquisition is standing with her back to the camera in a forest. Her gaze is turned towards the right, and her right hand and knee are resting against the trunk of a tree. On her back she carries two large daggers, a leather pouch and other small props.

Ingridbeast Cosplay

Ingrid, also known as IngridBeast Cosplay is well known in the Norwegian cosplay community. She has been cosplaying for over 10 years, and has made a name for herself with stage performances that can make the hardest amongst us shed a tear or two. Ingrid has loads of experience both on-stage and off, and has also judged an array of competitions.


Photo: Starbit Photography

Ingridbeast Cosplay has the following roles during Torucon 2018: Masters of the Universe:

  • Judge - "Coouple Cosplay Competition"
  • Presenter - "With a hellhound for a cosplay partner - cosplay and depression"