Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets

What took place during the closing ceremony of Torucon 2018: Masters of the Universe? Where did the cryptic video originate?
Who, or what are The Phoenix Initiative and Ordo Ursa? What do they want? Can we trust them?

For many, long months, Torucon 2019 has been shrouded in mysteries and questions. Now, the time has come to answer those questions, and to pull back the veil.

Do YOU dare to explore the world’s many secrets and mysteries?
We bid you welcome  to Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets, at Clarion Hotel & Congress, August 10th-11th 2019!

As usual we will fill our program with exciting panels and presentations, cosplay, gaming, competitions, quizzes and activities.
In our Cosplay and Craftmanship Competition, YOU might be the winner of one of the fantastic prizes, and perhaps even take on the honor and glory of representing Norway in the 2020 Nordic Cosplay Championship?

More information regarding the program contents will be updated on a regular basis.
Tickets are released and can be purchased HERE!
Art Stands are sold out.

The submission form for the FMV contest is now open! Submit your entry HERE!

All cosplay competitions are now open for registration until July 25th!


What happens next?

In addition to Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets, we will be hosting and attending various events throughout the year!

We have started updating our programme sites; more programme content will be added continuously.

Cosplay Against Cancer will be at  Torucon to have a stand, lottery and Dragon Hunt! Read more!

We've got 20 magnificent Art Stands where you can buy custom and original art and designs. This article is updated continuously with information about the vendors!

The first Commercial Stand has been announced! Ecchiink have joined forces to provide Torucon with custom tattoos!

As usual we will be walking in the People's Parade on May 17th! Put on your best outfit or costume, bring a flag and come join us! Read more HERE!

To see what else we are up to, and get the latest news about Torucon 2019, keep an eye on our Facebook!

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