Torucon 2020: Celebration

Many of you have asked how Covid-19 will affect Torucon. We have continued to hope for being able to host the convention as scheduled, but based on recommendations from the Norwegian Institute for Public Health and a thorough risk analysis, we, the Organizers, have decided that it can not be considered safe to host Torucon this August.

Torucon 2020: Celebration will therefore be postponed until August 2021. Date to be announced.

All tickets (included the ticket fee) will be refunded by Wednesday March 25th.

Everyone who has signed up to volunteer will be receiving more information via e-mail shortly.

We know this is hard for you to hear, and it is with a very heavy heart that we have made the choice to postpone the convention, but the way the situation is at present and seemingly for the foreseeable future, we consider it as too risky both in terms of health and economical factors, to host Torucon this year.
The insecurities in the time to come could also possibly lead to a very sad 10th Anniversary, and not the quality event that we wish for Torucon to be. In that case, we’d rather come back with full force and splendor next year!

A summary of the major factors in our risk analysis and further explanations for why we choose to postpone Torucon until next year can be read HERE.

We ask for your understanding, and hope that you all stay healthy and safe. 🧡


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