Toruween 2019: A World of Horrors!

The autumn darkness is wrapping itself like a dark blanket over the city. Outside, the wind is growing colder, stronger, howling around the corners. It’s time to bundle up indoors. Time for large sweaters, cocoa and pumpkin spice and TORUWEEN!

We are excited to welcome you to  a night of horrors, tricks and treats at Kultursenteret ISAK, Friday 1st of November at 5pm!

There will be competitions and ghosts, a haunted house and a ghost tour and much more!

The event has free entry, and is 100% alcohol and drug free. Note that there's a maximum of 2 tickets per person.
Because Toruween can be a little scary for the youngest audience, the event has an age limit of 13 years.

Tickets will be released on October 1st at 6pm!

We bid you welcome!

What happens next?

We will be attending the Trondheim Pride Parade on September 14th! Come walk with us!

On October 19th we will also be co-hosting another Game Night and costume contest at the Main Library along with Upolert. More info to come!

During the Sunday night closing ceremony we were completely unable to hold back our excitement or secrets or tears, so we spilled the theme and date for next year!
It is our honor to invite you to the world's greatest 10th birhday party:  Torucon 2020: CELEBRATION! Clarion Hotel & Congress August 8th-9th 2020!
Please follow the event for more information!

We're now on Discord! Join us!

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