Rinbeastie dressed as inquisitor Cadash from Dragon Age, in a forest. On their back they have a set of daggers, and a leather pouch, as well as a belt strapped with various useful items.


Rin, aka Rinbeastie has been a part of the cosplay community since 2008, but has been creating cosplays since the mid-90s. They have participated in competitions and also hosted panels at various conventions, such as last year's panel on cosplay and depression at Torucon.
They have have struggled with weight and body dysphoria and are very passionate about making cosplay less about what nature has given you, and more about what you make

Foto: Starbit Photography

Rinbeastie has the following roles during Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets:

  • Panelist - "Cosplay and body image"