Dragonrider Cosplay as Zoya from Glow, dressed in a fur headband and black coat with red lapels stares into the camera

Dragonrider Cosplay

I started cosplaying in 2014 and quickly realised I wanted to continue making costumes and I wanted to improve. I learned everything I know now either from Youtube, other cosplayers or good old research. I work with a mixture of skills: sewing, leatherworking, altering pre-bought pieces and, more recently, prop making and patterning. I love detail-oriented designs and I enjoy bringing characters to life with
makeup, wigs and posing. I was a complete sewing beginner when I started, and one of the things that helped me improve the most was altering or using existing clothes as a pattern; which I continue doing to this day, along with creating detailed and accurate costumes from scratch.


Photo: Matthew Elliot Photography

Dregonrider Cosplay has the following roles at Torucon 2019: A World of Secrets

  • Panelist - "Thrifting for cosplay"