A dark, black stairwell. In the front there's writing that reads Ghostbusters: Ghost Tour Experience II, and an illustration of a cute ghost inside a forbidden-sign, holding up two fingers

Ghosttour Experience II

Trondheim Ghostbusters are once again searching for eager recruits to help them clear out ghosts and spirits from ISAK's darkest nooks and crannies.

After the events that took place here a couple of years ago, something new and terrifying has taken residence within ISAK's walls. Reports are coming in about inexplainable noises, such as restless wandering and mysterious music at night, unnerving manifestations, frightful shadows, and visions not bound by time or place. Exactly what we are dealing with and how to deal with them will be up to you and your friends to figure out.

Answer the call!

Ghostbusters Ghost Tour Experience II is the sequel to the Toruween 2017 success. Here you can attend a guided tour where the participants must help out by solving tasks and mysteries, and keeping the ghosts at bay, so everyone makes it out alive and well.


Registration: will take place at the Ghostbusters Stand in the foyer. Here you will be given a time slot to meet up at when it's your group's turn.