Frequenty Asked Questions

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General Questions

-          Do I have to cosplay according to the theme? Do I need to come in costume?

Nope! The theme at Torucon is reflected in the decorations and some activities, but it does not limit what you can cosplay at the convention (within the limits of reason)! If you don’t want to attend in costume, this is also super okay! Torucon does not force anyone to come in costume or dressed in any particular way!

-          When is Torucon?

Torucon 2020: Celebration! takes place on August 8th-9th,  at Clarion Hotel & Congress.

-          Do you serve food at Torucon?

Yes! Clarion whips up a hot meal for our guests on both days of the convention. Information about the offer coming soon.

Clarion will also have a kiosk in Space where you can buy simple food and snacks.

-          Do you have a coat room?

Of course! If you want to store away your coats, bags, etc., we have a manned coat room in Cosmos, where you can store all your stuff. The coat room is free of charge.

-          Is there a place I can change into my costume?

Unfortunately we do not have designated changing rooms at Torucon. If you are unable to arrive in costume, it is possible to change in the bathrooms, but we recommend that you avoid creating a line, and preferably arrive in costume. We also ask our guests to avoid changing in the handicap toilet, as this should always be available for those who need it.

-        Is there a ramp available for the stage?

Yes. There is a ramp backstage, allowing easy access to the Main Stage.

-          Do you sell t-shirts?

Yes! T-shirts and other merch can be bought at the information desk, right next to the entrance. T-shirts are 150;- NOK, tote bags are 75;- NOK.

-          I need to leave before the award ceremony! What happens if I win something?

If you know that you won’t be around for the award ceremony, we would like you to let us know in advance, so we can make a note of this, as well as your contact information in case you win something. If you have to leave on short notice, or forget to let us know, we will hold on to your prize and try to get in contact with you/wait for you to contact us and then send your prize by mail.

-          I lost something at Torucon! How do I get it back?

During the event we will keep lost and found items in the Information desk by the entrance. Please stop by before leaving the venue if you are missing something. After the event is done, we will post a list of lost items we have found. These will be held on to for about 2 weeks if nobody claims them.

-          Does Torucon have an age limit?

No. Torucon is open for everyone from toddlers to grandparents. We do however recommend that young children are accompanied by an adult.

-          Is it safe to send my child to Torucon?

Of course! Torucon is an alcohol- and drug free event which is made out to be both safe and entertaining for everyone! Our crew makes sure that everyone has a good time and drinks enough water during the day. In case of any accidents we have Red Cross-certified medics to help out.

-          Am I too old to attend Torucon?

Never! Whether you are a parent, grandparent or just an adult who loves nerdy culture and costumes you are welcome at Torucon!

-          Why haven’t you answered my enquiry?

We respond to enquiries as quickly as we can, and try to answer everyone within 1-2 business days. However, we ask for your understanding that it might sometimes take longer. Sometimes this is due to us simply not having had the time to look through the e-mails, as we organize Torucon on a purely volunteer basis, next to having jobs and studies and other responsibilities. Other times we might have had to confer with other people in the crew, or forward the e-mail to the right person, which might cause a delay in our response.

There is also a chance that we have answered and the e-mail has landed in your spam filter. Make sure to whitelist in your e-mail settings.

-          Is the website available in other languages?

Our website is available in both Norwegian and English. In order to switch between languages, hover your cursor over the home/hjem tab on the menu bar.

-          What is Torucon Afterglow?

Torucon Afterglow is a Facebook group for everyone who has attended Torucon, or who are planning to go to one of our events. In the group you may share photos, reconnect with friends, ask for cosplay tips and generally enjoy sharing memories until the next con!

-          Do you host other events?

Our main event is of course Torucon in August, but throughout the year we sometimes host other events, in example mini-cons like Toruween and ToruJòl, in October and December respectively. We also attend the People’s Parade on May 17th (Constitution Day) and the PRIDE parade during Trondheim Pride. Sometimes we also appear at other events where we have been invited to participate. Do check our facebook page and home page to see where you may find us next!

-          Why don’t you host more events?

Torucon is an organization that is run purely by volunteers, by people who unfortunately also have jobs, studies and other responsibilities that make claims on our time. Planning and executing an event like Torucon takes a lot of preparation, time and energy, and we spend large portions of the year getting ready for August. Therefore we choose to dedicate most of our time to the large event in August, in order to make it the best convention possible! In periods of more calm, that is, usually after August, we sometimes host mini-cons if we have the capacity.

-          How can I get updates from Torucon?

Follow us on Social Media: We post all current information and updates to our Facebook page. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and YouTube!

-           Do you have a FAQ?

Yes! You're reading it right now! If you feel something is missing, please do let us know!


-          When do you release the tickets?

Tickets for Torucon are usually up for sale during the first quarter of the year, as soon as we have the opportunity. Pay attention to our Facebook-site for the fastest updates regarding ticket releases.
Tickets for 2020 will be released in February.

-          How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be bought via our ticket-site.

-        Why must the name on the ticket match the name on a valid ID document?
In the event that you lose your ticket bracelet, or someone else attempts to use your ticket, we need to be able to prove ownership of the ticket. This can only be done if the name on the ticket matches a valid ID document (driver’s license, bank card with photo, passport etc).
Additionally, purchasing a ticket to Torucon registers you in our member list, which also requires use of your legal name.

-          Can I change the name on my ticket?

Yes. If you would like to give away/sell your ticket to someone else, you need to change the name on the ticket, so that it matches the name of the ticket holder. In order to change the name on the ticket, you need to contact our ticket administrators at Hoopla.

Send an e-mail to, and include your ticket reference and they will fix the rest.

-          Can I sell my ticket?

Yes, if you are no longer able to attend Torucon, your ticket can be transferred to another person. Take due note that it is against Norwegian law to sell your ticket at a higher price than what you originally paid for it. When selling/giving away your ticket you also need to change the name on the ticket.

-          Can I have a refund?

Sorry, but we are unable to refund tickets.

-          Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Yes, we also sell tickets at the door during Torucon as long as we are not sold out in advance. Note that when purchasing a ticket at the door, there will be an extra fee of 50; NOK per ticket.

-          Do you accept companion certificates (Ledsagerbevis) at Torucon?

Yes, we accept state-issued companion certificates. The holder of the certificate will pay the ordinary ticket fee, and their companion will have free admission. Note that the companion certificates are only accepted in the following formats;

  •         Plastic card with printed name and picture
  •         Paper certificate with name, picture and an official stamp for the county that issued the certificate
  • Other formats will be accepted if presented with a valid ID, i.e. debit card, passport or school ID with picture

    Note that two people holding  a companion certificate cannot act as each others' companion. One party must hold a regular ticket.

-          I’ve lost/not received my ticket. What do I do?

If you can’t find your ticket, we recommend that you double-check that it hasn’t ended up in your spam filter, or that you have provided the correct e-mail address when ordering the ticket. If you still can’t find it, please let us know via the contact form, and we will help you out!

-          Do I have to print my ticket?

Your ticket will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when placing your order. You can choose to download it electronically to your smartphone/tablet, or if you want to print it and bring a paper ticket to the event. As long as we can scan the code, we are happy!

-         What happens if I lose my ticket bracelet during the con?

The ticket bracelets should be pretty durable, but in the event that something happens, please go to the ticket counter. When you show your valid ticket and ID, they will be able to issue you a new bracelet.
Note that you must not remove the ticket bracelet during Torucon. We have a limited amount of ticket bracelets, and it's not fun for anyone if we run out due to having to give out new ones to people who have removed/ripped them off, although we do understand that accidents happen.
If you have a weekend pass, we recommend that you leave the ticket bracelet on throughout the weekend to avoid forgetting it at home or losing it.

-  Do you offer family discounts?

This year we are not offering a Family Pack ticket, but rather have implemented specific Childrens' tickets, which give children ages 7-13 reduced prices at Torucon. As usual, we also offer Junior tickets, giving free entry for children under the age of 7.    Read more about this ticket type on our ticket site.

-          Do you sell VIP-tickets?

No. We do not want to treat some attendees different than others, so we no longer provide VIP-tickets. We do however sometimes give away free tickets as prizes in various contests, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Art Stands

-          When do you release the art stand tickets?

Art stands will be released simultaneously as the regular tickets. This means during the first quarter of the year. Pay attention to our Facebok page to get the latest info about ticket releases.

-          How many art stands are available at Torucon?

We have a capacity of 20 art stands.

-            Why aren't there more art stands available?

Our venue has limited space, and with our current set-up we cannot add more stands/art stands without compromising the fire safety or accessibility. We are however looking at the possibility of adding more art stands in the future. Information about this to come.

-          I was too late to order a ticket, can I still have an art stand?

If you were unable to reserve a stand, you may try to ask in our event. Sometimes someone has to cancel their art stand, or are looking for someone to share it with, so it is always worth asking!

-          What size are the tables?

Art stands are 90x120 cm. Each stand comes with two chairs.

-          Can I bring an assistant/share my art stand with a friend?

Yes, if you want to share an art stand, this is perfectly okay! You may also bring an assistant, which we recommend in any case so you have anyone to watch your stand if you need to take a break. Note that the assistant will have to purchase a separate ticket (Weekend pass/ One-day ticket).

-          I do not have an assistant, what do I do?

No worries! If you need to take a break to get something to eat, stretch your feet or anything else, please let us know and we will be happy to watch your stand for a few moments!

-          I need more information!

In good time before Torucon everyone who has signed up for an art stand will receive an information e-mail from the person in charge of stands at Torucon. The e-mail will contain information regarding rigging of the stand, and everything else you need to know prior to the convention. If you have any questions before then, please get in touch with us!


-          I would like to have a stand at Torucon. How do I apply?

We ask that commercial actors who wish to have stands at Torucon get in touch with us via the contact form on our website. Your e-mail will then be forwarded to the person in charge of stands, who will respond to anything you are wondering about. Please provide information about your business such as: Which items you wish to sell, what sort of business you run, where you are based and contact information.


-          What does a commercial stand cost?

The price of commercial stands depends on the size of the stand. For more information, please contact us.

-          Can I have a stand selling food at Torucon?

Unfortunately we are unable to allow the sale of food, food trucks etc. at Torucon, as this goes against the hotel’s regulations.

-         Are there restrictions against selling certain items at Torucon?

Yes, as mentioned above, it is not permitted to sell food according to the hotel's regulaltions. We also do not permit sales of metal swords, daggers etc. or so-called ahegao-products.
All vendors are issued and must agree to an information sheet in which regulations and restrictions are stated. Failure to comply with these rules might lead to sanctions.


-         What time does Torucon open?
The doors will open at 10:00 am both Saturday and Sunday.

-          What happens at Torucon this year?

The best answer to this question you can find on our Programme site! We frequently update it with program events, and you can read about all the competitions, quizzes, panels, presentations and activities that will take place at this year’s con!

-          How do I download the programme?

Eventually we will put up a link on our programme page where you can download this year’s programme as a .pdf in both Norwegian and English. If you can’t find the link it might be because we still haven’t uploaded the programme. Paper programmes will be available at the convention in the information desk.

-          Can you please have cosplay blind date/couples cosplay/skit contest/other activity at Torucon this year?  

Thanks for making suggestions! Please send them to us via the contact form! We are trying as hard as we can to incorporate many different and exciting program events at Torucon, but sometimes we just are unable to find the capacity for everything due to shortage of crew/time/space, and other times we have tried something out, found that it didn’t work out as planned, and set it aside for now. If it turns out that a suggestion has a broad appeal to the audience, we will of course look at the possibility of including it in our programme next year.

-           I want to host a panel or hold a presentation at Torucon!

Great! We would love to have you! Please send us your idea and contact details via our contact form! We might not be able to fit you into this year's programme depending on when you contact us, or what else we have scheduled, but we'll definitely write it down and if it doesn't work this year, then maybe we can have you at a later event!

-          Why do some events on the schedule overlap?

Torucon is a large event, with many different program events spanning over a short time period. We want to offer you a varied programme, so that our guests have a lot of options to choose from, spanning over several fields of interest. Unfortunately this means that some events will overlap on the schedule, even though we try our best to prevent the most popular program entries such as the Cosplay- and Craftmanship Competition to crash with other popular entries. We understand that it can be difficult to choose which activities to attend, but there is little we can do to fix this luxury problem.

Registrations and competitions

-          How do I register for a competition at Torucon?

Most of our competitions require registration in advance via the website. You need to go to the specific competition’s page on our website and find the link to the registration form, as well as the deadline for registration. All the information you need to register should be available on the registration site.

-          I can’t find the registration form!

Registration forms for the competitions that require registration prior to the convention should be available on the program site for the specific competition. If you can’t find a link to the form it might be because we haven’t opened the registrations yet. If the form is supposed to be open and you still can’t find it, we ask you to contact us, as it could be a problem on the website.

-          Can you reserve a spot for me in the competition?

No. We are unable to reserve slots. In the worst case scenario you may withdraw from the competition prior to Torucon if it turns out that you are unable to finish your costume/prop in time for the event.

-          Can I change my registration?

Unfortunately not. This year our registrations are based on google forms, which means an entry cannot be edited once it is submitted. We therefore ask that you carefully read over your details before submitting the form. In the event that it turns out you have made a mistake after all, please get in touch with us, and we will help you out.

-          Can I use a different image/audio/video file than the one I have uploaded?

No. If the deadline for changing your files has passed, we are unable to accept new files. After this date has passed, we will base ourselves on the files we have received.

-          Can you sign up for competitions during the day of the event?

In the Costume Contest and Chibi Catwalk we accept registrations during the event, as well as for activities such as the selfie hunt and Quest Hub. Other competitions require registrations in advance. You can read more about which rules apply to the various competitions on the program site of each specific competition.

-          Do I have to register to the website to participate in a competition?

No. This year competition registrations are based on google forms. This means that if you want to sign up for a competition or activity that requires registration in advance, all you need to do is to fill out the form.

-          Do I have to have a performance during the competition?

Nope! If you do not want to perform a show on stage, you can sign up for the Craftmanship-category. This category is for those of you who only wish to be assessed based on your craftsmanship alone. You may read more about this on the Cosplay- and Craftmanship Competition page on our website. You may also sign up for our Costume Competition, which is a more low key catwalk-type contest. This competition does not include a show-aspect.

-         Are there any restrictions on which costumes I can compete with?

Every competition has their own set of rules and guidelines. Some competitions for instance do not accept costumes based on fan art, while other require your costume/prop to be made by you, not bought. Make sure you read and understand the rules for the specific competition before signing up.
We do however have some rules that apply to all competitions; We do not permit costumes that imitate ethnic groups using i.e. make-up (known as "race face"), military insignia or uniforms from any year after 1900 as well as especially sexualized costumes.
Read more about this under the point "Are there any costumes that are not permitted at Torucon", and more detailed in our Rules of Conduct.

-          What types of videos can I enter for the FMV contest?

FMV is short for Fan Music Video, which means that as long as the video consists of something nerdy you are a fan of, it is approved – assuming it follows the rules of the contest which you can find on the programme site. You are free to choose whether you will use clips solely from the same series/game/franchise or a mishmash of different media and genres.

-          How do I vote for an FMV entry?

To vote for the entries you need to have, or create a new google account. Log in with your google account, and vote for your favorite FMV!

-            We have signed up for the Kpop Dance Competition, when do we get more info?

Our K-Pop chief will be sending out an e-mail with more information as soon as she can once we close the registration form. We will be posting an alert once the mail is sent - if you haven't received the e-mail at that point, please check your spam filter and then if you still can't find it, get in touch with us!

-          I haven't received any e-mail!

If you should have received an e-mail from us, i.e. concerning an inquiry or a competition where we should have provided more information and you haven't received it - check your spam filter! A good idea is to white list in your e-mail settings, to prevent e-mails from us from being sorted as junk! If you still can't find it - get in touch with us.

Rules for props and conduct

-What types of cosplay weapons/props are permitted at Torucon?

For a detailed overview over what is allowed at Torucon, we ask you to check out our Rules of Conduct:

If you can’t find what you are wondering about, you may contact us,  and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

-          Is there a limit to how long/big a prop can be?

No, Torucon does not have any limits in terms of the size of a prop/cosplay weapon as long as they are not made from materials such as massive wood and can cause severe injuries. See our Rules of Conduct for detailed information on what is not permitted. We also ask that carriers of heavy props are cautious of their surroundings in order to prevent damage and injury of others/their props and costumes.

-          Why doesn’t Torucon allow softguns?

We do not allow any functional, realistic replicas of hand guns, guns or similar weapons. This also includes air weapons, softguns and other similar weapons that are modeled from real firearms, or that are shaped in such a way that they can be mistaken for real weapons by other people. This rule was established last year on the basis of events happening worldwide that caused the police to urge civilians to avoid carrying such replica weapons, as they can appear frightening to the outside crowd, and in worst case scenario lead to dangerous situations.

-          Why do you have a Weapon’s check?

The Weapon’s check at the entrance is there to assure that all props and cosplay weapons that are brought to Torucon are according to our Rules of Conduct. Note that our guards will use common sense, and that props/cosplay weapons that have previously been approved by us based on images/descriptions we have received online, might be refused entry if the guards deem them to go against our Rules of Conduct.  The Weapon’s Check also is responsible for storing props/cosplay weapons that otherwise are not permitted in the venue, but that will be used in stage shows such as in the Cosplay- and Craftmanship Competition.

-        Are there any costumes that are not allowed at Torucon?

Military insignia from the year 1900 and up until today are banned at Torucon’s events. Thismeans that guests with copies of real military uniforms and similar costumes will have tocover up medals, patches, and other symbols, or remove them entirely.If we get complaints from other guests or passersby about insignia from before 1900, wemay also ask the guest in question to cover up or remove these. See more about this in our Rules of Conduct.

We acknowledge that costumes imitating ethnical groups and minorities i.e. through the use of make-up (known as "race face") can be offensive for a variety of reasons, and therefore such costumes are not permitted. We may ask you to remove any such make-up at any time during the event. If you sign up to a competition using such a costume, you risk disqualification.

When it comes to sexualized costumes/outfits, we will base our judgement on common sense and context.

More detailed guidelines regarding the aforementioned costumes can be found in our Rules of Conduct.

-          Is Free Hugs allowed at Torucon?

Yes, but do not impose on anyone and force them to hug you. Stand still, and let people come to you. Respect that not everyone likes being hugged.

-          I had an unpleasant experience, what do I do?

We want everyone to feel safe and have a good time at Torucon. Therefore, it is immensely important to us that you let us know if you experience something uncomfortable. We have a zero-tolerance for harassment, and if you should receive a nasty remark, sexual harassment or otherwise feel attacked, we want you to tell a guard, or another crew member so we can deal with it immediately. Violations of our Rules of Conduct will have consequences, and in the worst case scenario lead to a ban from the event, and possibly future events as well. Read more about what types of behavior we do not accept at Torucon, and the consequences of these in our Rules of Conduct:

Hotel & Surroundings

-          Do you offer a hotel discount?

Yes we do! When you purchase your ticket, the discount code for the hotel will be printed on the ticket.
To read about room types and prices, and how to use the code, please go here.

-          Is there available parking at Torucon?

The hotel has a parking garage available for our guests (270; NOK per day). Additionally there is paid parking in the nearby area. The city center offers free parking after 16:00.
You can find a full list of parking spots and prices at Trondheim Parkering.

-          Where is the closest ATM?

We recommend you to bring cash to Torucon, as not all stands have the opportunity to accept credit card payments. The closest ATM is at the central station, an approximately ten minute walk from the hotel.

-          How do I get to Torucon?

Clarion is located a short walk from both bus stops and Trondheim Central station. If you arrive by train, it takes approximately ten minute to walk from the station to the hotel via the pedestrian bridge.

When arriving by bus, be aware that AtB have new line numbers starting on August 3rd. The new lines that stop near the hotel are:
Lines #21 and #25 both run from the city center, to Pirbadet, which is the closest stop to the hotel.
Lines #10 and #20 both run from the city center to Brattøra, which is a short 7 minutes walk from the hotel.

If you are coming straight from the airport, the Værnes Express (Værneseksperessen, gray airport shuttle) stops right outside the hotel.

See map of the area.

-       Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Everything in the congress area is on one level. Elevators are available if you are a contestant with decreased mobility (wheelchair, large costumes etc) and need to get to the pre-judging room, or the lounge for invited guests. There is also a ramp available backstage to allow easy access to the Main Stage.

-     Is there free wi-fi at the venue?
Yes! The network is called ClarionConnect! If you have a Nordic Choice-membership, you may also use that to log in.


-          I would like to volunteer at Torucon! Where do I sign up?

Great to hear you want to work with us! Torucon wouldn’t be able to exist without all the volunteers that help us out every year. We post information both here on the website as well as on facebook during the periods where we are looking for crew members. When it comes to the actual Torucon, this period usually is between February and July. You will then find a link to the volunteer registration form on our website, under “About Us – Volunteer!”
Volunteer registration for 2019 is now closed.

- Is there an age limit for volunteers?

To be a volunteer at Torucon you need to be at least 16 years of age. Some crew positions (i.e backstage, guards and medics) requires that you are at least 18, as these come with a certain amount of responsibility.  Additionally, we require volunteers to reside in Trondheim or the nearby area, in order to be able to participate at various mandatory meetings prior to Torucon, as well as for the rigging on Friday.

-          Can I cosplay as a volunteer?

No. Volunteers at Torucon must be dressed in crew shirts and carry badges, so that it is clear to visitors who belong to the crew. Therefore it is also not permitted to cover your face etc. as a volunteer. The exception are volunteers belonging to the decoration crew who have worked the required amount of hours to have the day off during Torucon. These are then allowed to participate as regular attendees.  Toruship priests are also allowed to cosplay during the event, as that is part of their role.

-          May I choose what to work with during Torucon?

Partially. We try to accommodate everyone’s wishes regarding what they want to help out with, but might sometimes place you elsewhere, i.e. if there are too many applying for the same position, if it turns out that someone has the skills needed in a different field, or if the task is only applicable for a limited amount of time.

-          I haven't received the information e-mail!

It sometimes takes a while before we get the info mails out to our new volunteers. We are sorry about this! If you are uncertain of whether you have been registered as a volunteer, please shoot us an e-mail and ask! If you have already been added to the Volunteer Group, you can ask internally about any info you're looking for.
If you have been told that we have sent out information e-mails to volunteers and you haven't received this - check your spam filter! A good idea is to white list in your settings, to make sure our e-mails aren't being sorted as junk.


-          Can I have a press badge for Torucon?

Journalists and other representatives from the media are applicable for press badges for the event. Please contact us at for more information.

-          I want to photograph at Torucon, can I have a press badge?

Torucon has both our own designated photographers, as well as paid ones. If you want to offer your services as a photographer during the event, please e-mail us, and please provide a link to your portfolio. Depending on our needs, we might very well want a visit from you and your camera!

Advertisement and other services

If you would like Torucon to advertise or promote your event, or for other inquiries from external actors, please contact us via the form on the website.

Do you want to participate at Torucon as a guest, i.e. by organizing an activity or hosting a presentation or panel? Contact us!