Frequently Asked Questions regarding the postponement of Torucon 2020: Celebration

Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive regarding the postponement of Torucon 2020: Celebration due to the outbreak of Covid-19. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, feel free to contact us via the website or on facebook.

How does Covid-19 (Corona virus) affect Torucon? 

Due to the risk of the virus spreading and based on a thorough risk analysis, we have decided to postpone Torucon: Celebration to 2021.
Please refer to our statement on the matter for more information.


Why did you choose to cancel so early in the year? 

Although August is a good while away, we are facing an uncertain few months, i.e. in consideration to the virus spreading as well as economic challenges. In the event that we pushed on and had to cancel at a later time i.e. due to demands by the health officials, Torucon as well as our visitors would face potentially large economical consequences. We do not wish for you to i.e. be left with non refundable travel expenses.
The situation as it stands at present also means we cannot invite i.e. foreign guests, as we don’t know if they will be allowed in the country.

For a more detailed summary on why we have chosen to postpone the event, go here.

What if the pandemic goes away by August? Can you reschedule the con?

Unfortunately, no. We have notified the venue that we are giving up this year’s scheduled date, and moving the convention to next year. We would also have too little time to properly plan and conduct Torucon in the event that the situation suddenly changed.


Why did you cancel although you’ve previously stated Torucon would not be affected? 

For the longest time possible, we were hoping that Torucon would not be affected, seeing as we were still only in February/March, and August was a long way away. However, as the situation has shown to rapidly change from day to day and even by the hour in some cases, that statement was challenged.
Furthermore, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has presented a curve as part of their risk analysis in which the virus is predicted to peak during summer, which would have led to a later cancellation if we chose to push on. Based on this knowledge, Torucon’s Organizers wrote up our own risk analysis and made our decision based on these factors.

Why can’t you just postpone until later in the year? 


As of the present time there are several other events, including conventions that have been postponed until autumn, in addition to events already scheduled for the time period. We would like to avoid scheduling Torucon close to other events if this can be avoided.

At the same time this also depends on time and resources for us as Organizers. We have jobs and studies in addition to Torucon, and for most of us it is simply not possible to organize a convention after August.

Will tickets be refunded? 

Yes, all tickets, including the ticket fee will be fully refunded. This can take some time, but we aim to have all tickets refunded by Wednesday March 25th.


Will I lose my art stand slot? 

Unfortunately. All tickets will be refunded, including art stands.


Do I have to sign up for competitions again for the rescheduled event? 

Yes. If you were signed up for a competition at Torucon 2020, you will have to register again next year.

I’ve already booked my hotel and made travel plans, what do I do? 

If you have booked a room at Clarion Hotel & Congress during the Torucon weekend you will have to refer to the hotel’s policy on cancellations. You can read more on their website, here.

Unfortunately we cannot help when it comes to any travel that has been booked and paid for. You will have to refer to the company you are traveling with.

What will happen to the NCC?

We still don’t know how the situation will play out for Närcon and the NCC, and will be posting more information about this when we know more.


What is the new date for Torucon: Celebration? 

We have made a request to the hotel regarding our new date for next year, and will be making it public as soon as we have gotten it confirmed.


When will the new tickets go on sale? 

Assuming that the situation is normalized, we expect tickets will go on sale in February 2021.


Does this mean the 10th Anniversary is off?  

The anniversary is happening! Now that we have even more time to prepare, we promise that Torucon 2021: Celebration will be an amazing celebration and well worth the wait!


I signed up as a volunteer, how does this affect me? 

Everyone who has signed up as volunteers for Torucon 2020 will be receiving an e-mail with further information from our head of HR.


Will Toruween and Torujòl be affected? 

Dette er det litt tidlig å si enda. Vi vil se an situasjonen, og dersom det regnes som forsvarlig vil disse trolig holdes som normalt. Vi tar dog forbehold for at situasjonen kan vedvare, eller at den vil vare såpass lenge at vi ikke har mulighet til å f.eks arrangere planleggingsmøter o.l, slik at også disse faller bort. Men vi vil komme tilbake med mer info!