Screenshot from youtube. The image shows a freeze frame of a video featuring an anime girl with dark hair and purple eyes

FMV Contest!

Torucon invites all you creative spirits to participate in our FMV contest again this year! FMV is an abbreviation of 'fan music video', meaning that you create a music video using clips from one or several of your favorite series, games or movies. This is your chance to challenge your own creativity and flaunt it to the world!
Participants themselves choose whether they would like to create a video containing one or several fandoms/genres, and whether they base themselves on this year's theme (Sword & Sorcery) or rather go for one or multiple themes of their own choosing. The only thing stopping you is your own imagination!

After the submission deadline, the submissions will be uploaded to our website, and the voting begins. Each person has one vote, and the voting process continues until Saturday August 10th. The top 3 submissions will be shown on the Main Stage on Sunday. The winner will be announced during the award ceremony.

Contest rules:

* Your submission must be uploaded to your personal YouTube account, and linked to in the submission form.
* Your own name and a reference to Torucon 2019 should be included in the beginning of the video.
* Submissions cannot exceed  five minutes.
* All music videos must be made specifically for this contest.
*  Submissions can not contain graphic sexual or violent content.

Vote for your favorite HERE!
The voting closes on Saturday August 10th at 11:59 pm

In need of inspiration? Here's the winner submission from last year!

It is your responsibility as a contestant to make sure that the music in your FMV is approved by YouTube’s copyright guidelines.
YouTube has a list of free music, where you can browse song titles or artists to find out if the music you would like to use is approved:

Time for the screening: Sunday 17:30
Place: Main Stage, Cosmos