Enayla som Araha fra Guild Wars 2, med en blå og grå rustning, står i en trolsk, mystisk skog

Fantastic (Cosplay) Fabrics and Where to Find Them

Picking the right fabric for a project can be an overwhelming process, but it's easy with a basic knowledge of textile properties and techniques. From fabric types to matching a
reference and even customizing fabric, we'll cover everything you need to know to get the perfect materials for your cosplay!

The presentation will be in English.

Time: Sunday 12:30 pm
Place: Cosmos D

(Due to changes to the presentation title, the printed program lists this presentation as  'cosplay fabrics'.)

About the panelist:

Over her 12+ years of cosplaying, Enayla has worked with a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Her focus on character accuracy has led her to develop a range of skills for
finding just the right material for the job, and customizing them when they’re not quiiiite perfect (dyeing, stamping, painting, and even stitching designs onto fabrics).


Photo: Elitecosplay