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Dwarfheim Multiplayer beta

DwarfHeim​ is a Strategy game where you build, manage and defend a Dwarven city against the constant threat of feral trolls and rival dwarven clans in a search for the ancient throne of DwarfHeim. The game is the first RTS to feature a multiplayer co-op where you and your team must work together using your different classes and abilities to gather resources, grow and defend your dwarven city.

Make sure you drop by the Pineleaf Studios stand at the Arcade  and play the closed multiplayer beta at Torucon . Reclaim the throne.​ Survive the dangers of Agartha and expand into the wilderness, find the long forgotten clues of your origins and search for the throne of the ancient home of the dwarves, DwarfHeim. Build your settlement from a single building to a thriving stronghold by gathering resources, increase your population and keep your dwarven brothers happy by brewing potent ales.


Text: Pinleaf Studio.