Julia Leyda dressed in a black coat and white dresss shirt

Cuteness and Power

"Cuteness and Power" will examine the uses and effects of cute aesthetics and affects in the context of some of today's most urgent social issues. This talk will explore the proliferation of cuteness to signify and/or cover over inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, and species, including its deployment in texts about climate crisis.

This presentation will be in English.

Time: Saturday, 12:00
Cosmos C


About the panelist:

I co-edited an academic essay collection on cuteness, entitled The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness (Routledge, 2017) which included my chapter “Cute 21st-Century Post-Fembots” as well as the Introduction, written by me and the other editors. I've blogged about cuteness and class, and given several academic and public talks on cuteness in pop culture, with emphasis on class, race, and gender, and co-led a Kosmorama seminar on kawaii (2018).

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Photo: C.E Shore / ceshore.com

Text: Julia Leyda