A pair of cosplayers dressed as Sophie and Howl from Howl's Moving Castle dance on the stage during the couple competition

Couple Cosplay Competition

We are bringing back the newest competition addition to our program this year; the cosplay competition where you can participate in pairs! You do not need to be a romantic couple; the competition is open for friends, enemies, frenemies and whichever other pairings you can think of! But most importantly, this is the competition for those who want to compete on stage as 2 people together!

In the Couple Cosplay Competition you are required to portray specific characters. It doesn't matter which medium these characters originated from; tv-series, games, anime, cartoons or others, but reference pictures for the characters are required. This means that it's your job as a contestant to provide a reference picture. These references should be official pictures from the characters' original creators, and not fanart. Original Characters (also known as OCs) are unfortunately not permitted in the competition. Genderbends are allowed.

You may participate in the Couple Cosplay Competition with purchased as well as self-made costumes. Both are allowed!

So if you have a dream of playing out a romantic scene with your OTPs, or a dramatic confrontation between two characters who once used to be close, or anything else, this is your chance! Grab a friend and join the fun!



Winning couple: 2 gift certificates from Outland, at a value of 600 NOK each!
Runner-up couple: 2 gift certificates from Outland, at a value of 300 NOK each!

Competition guidelines:

In this competition you need to be a pair of 2 people to participate. You will not be able to register for a bigger group. (But we do recommend larger groups to check out our Open Stage!)
The judges will mainly consider your performance, and not your craftmanship.
You may enter the competition with both self-made and store-bought/readymade costumes.
You must be cosplaying an existing character (OCs are not permitted).
Each pair will have a maximum of 2 minutes on stage.
All files must be submitted in advance - you can not bring audio files/background images during the actual convention.
You are allowed to bring props on stage, but these must be of such a size that they can easily be carried on/off the stage, and these props can NOT be stored backstage before/after the competition.
It is crucial that you read through the competition guidelines before registering. Are you uncertain about something, then contact us via e-mail.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you meet up in time for competitions. As a contestant it is your responsibility to be on time. Meet at the backstage area AT LEAST 10 minutes before the competition starts, so we can register that you are present and organize the order in which you will be going on stage. If you are uncertain about where the meeting point is, then every one of our crew members are eager to help you out.
If you do not meet at the designated time, you will be disqualified from the competition.

Registration for the competition opens on July 1st, and closes on July 25th, at 23:59.


Sign up for the competition HERE.


Time: Sunday, 12:00-13:00
Place: Main Stage, Cosmos


Photo: NidarosFoto