From Toruween 2017. A girl dressed as an original character on stage. Her skin is light purple, purple hair, dark make-up and horns. She is holding a glowing staff in one hand, and a doll portraying some fantasy creature in the other.

Cosplay & Costume Contest

Of course we’re having a costume contest at Toruween!

The contest will be held in a walk-on format, where each contestant gets around 30 seconds to go on stage, strike a pose and show off for the audience and judges. Strike a pose and maybe grab the mic to fire off a tagline and walk back off.

The competition will have two categories; Cosplay where you have to portray an existing character from media such as games or series, and Costume; where you can sign up with Halloween costumes or Original Characters.

You may compete using both store-bought and self made costumes in both categories.
In the Cosplay category you may also enter a variation of an existing character (i.e a zombiefied Hinata from Haikyuu!)
You do not need a scary costume to enter. All cosplays and costumes are welcome in both categories; cute as well as scary.

Registration will be on the day, in the info stand, until 30 minutes before the competition starts. All participants must be at the backstage area within 10 minutes before the competition starts.
After the competition, the judges will look closer at the costumes, and talk to the participants in a dedicated judging room.

Time: 6.30 pm
Place: Main Stage, Amfisalen


Photo: DRPortrait