Icynoar on stage, dressed in a red dress, gesticulatic theatrically towards the audience

CosPLAY - om å være i karakter

Marianne Lindbeck aka Icynoar will be at Torucon to talk about being in-character.

The presentation will focus on the PLAY part of cosplay. An important part of cosplay is bringing the character to life, making them believeable and memorable. But how does one do that? I will give you a fun, interesting and basic introduction to.

In the presentation I will talk about how to do research:

- Observation and Mirroring

Finding ancor points:
- Body language and appearance
- Voice and expressions

Keeping a characters characteristics:
- Presentation
- Trust in the environment
- Self-confidence

I make  my living going into characters, adapting to pre-disposed visions and changing my way of acting, and I've got a lot of experience with the cosplay community and respect cosplayers' working for the characters they love!

About the panelist:

I started dressing up and acting out roles already at age 4, and I've been acting in musicals and theatre since 2005 Now I have a degree in acting from Westerdals.
I am not a cosplayer per definition, but I create my own characters and wear costumes as often as I can. Mainly I work with performance, but I am also skilled with a hot glue gun, wire, needle and thread. I have worked for many years with both teatre, film and TV,  have produced stage plays and musicals and I've been a propmaster and master of costumes, make-up and hair.

At Desucon I have been a cosplay judge and MC for 3 years. My experience mainly stems from theatre and film, as well as my own projects.

Photo: Phuong Costello

Text: Marianne Lindbeck / Icynoar. Translated by Torucon