Children in costumes on stage during the chibi catwalk

Chibi Catwalk

As we all know, there is no age limit when it comes to cosplay and costumes, and we love seeing young and old enthusiasts alike at Torucon.
Therefore we would once again like to invite the youngest participants to sign up for our Chibi-Catwalk,to show of their awesome costumes on stage!

The Chibi-catwalk takes place both on Saturday and Sunday, and there's no need to sign up online. Registraton is done at the information desk during Torucon itself.
Participants are asked  to meet up at the backstage area ca. 10-15 minutes prior to the competition, to receive information on which order to go on stage, and where to stand etc.
Participants are allowed to bring an assistant/parent on stage if they wish.

Anyone under the age of 13 is more than welcome to participate both days


Time: Saturday, 16:00
Sunday, 14:30

Place: Main Stage, Cosmos


Foto: Silje Bullgård