A city scape from South Korea, trees illuminated in pink and blue neon colours, skyscrapers in the background. To the front, a blonde girl wiht her back turned

Kpop & Korea

Hanne Nordskag also known as Ookami has lived and studied in Korea and is coming to Torucon to talk about Kpop and Korean culture. In […]

Icynoar på scenen i rød kjole utfører teatralske bevegelser

cosPLAY – about being in-character

Marianne Lindbeck aka Icynoar will be at Torucon to talk about being in-character. The presentation will focus on the PLAY part of cosplay. An important […]

Headerbilde med bilde av Kristine Ask og Stine Moltubakk

Parents and gaming – Time for a truce?

Every so often, the media spouts articles focusing on the potential dangers of gaming – for instance addiction and violent behavior. Various information material directed […]

Dragonrider Cosplay kledd som Zoya fra Glow, i pelspannebånd og svart frakk med rød krage stirrer bestemt inn i kamera

Thrifting for Cosplay

Second-hand items are a cosplayer’s best friend! In this panel about thrifting for cosplay I will be exploring how using thrift shops and online resellers […]

En mørkhåret kvinne kledt i lær peker en pistol mot kamera

Basic make-up and special effects!

Trine Pedersen, also known as Athehra Cosplay is here to give an introduction to basic theories and techniques of make-up and special effects. Some of […]

Julia Leyda dressed in a black coat and white dresss shirt

Cuteness and Power

“Cuteness and Power” will examine the uses and effects of cute aesthetics and affects in the context of some of today’s most urgent social issues. […]