En samling ulike spillkontrollere ligger i en haug

Mysterygame Tournament

A new challenge approaches! Once again Mystery Games are back at Torucon! Mystery Games is a tournament spanning more than 30 different video games. Which […]

To cosplayere som Sophie og Howl fra How's Moving Castle på scenen under Couple Cosplay-konkurransen

Couple Cosplay Competition!

We are bringing back the newest competition addition to our program this year; the cosplay competition where you can participate in pairs! You do not […]

Elisabeth Erring som Grunt fra Mass Effect kneler på scenen under Cosplaykonkurransen

Cosplay & Craftmanship Competition!

Do you have a costume based on a character from your favorite tv-series/game/cartoon/anime/franchise? Would you like to show off your costume? In that case, our […]

En jente iført steampunk-antrkk står på scenen med armene utslått og et stort smil om munnen

Costume contest!

The costume contest will be a simple catwalk contest, where you can show off your costume, regardless of whether it is a traditional cosplay, a […]

Logo som består av en ambolt omkranset av et skjold og to sverd, med påskriften 'The Great Torucon Prop Off'

The Great Torucon Prop-Off!

Have you made an incredibly fancy prop for your costume? Have you ever gotten started on a costume without ever finishing it all? Or maybe […]

FMV Contest!

Torucon invites all you creative spirits to participate in our FMV contest again this year! FMV is an abbreviation of ‘fan music video’, meaning that […]

Bilde med skrift: K-pop Dansekonkurranse Torucon 2019 bakgrunnen viser en UFO

K-pop Dance Contest!

The Torucon K-pop crew are proud to anounce Torucon’s very first K-pop Dance Contest! The contest will take place on the Main Stage, where up […]

Skjermdump fra Boku no Hero Academia. Momo underviser noen andre karakterer

Anime Quiz!

Are you a true otaku? We challenge you to try your skills at Torucon’s infamous anime quiz! Here you will truly be putting your anime […]