Cosplay Against Cancer-logoen over et bilde av en gruppe cosplayere

Cosplay Against Cancer at Torucon!

Cosplay Against Cancer is a charity initiated by  TillyTilde Cosplay (Mathilde Langfeldt) in order to support victims of cancer with the help of the cosplay […]

Art Stand på Torucon. Et bord med heklede pokemon-figurer

Art Stands at Torucon!

This year the Art Stand tickets sold out in 3 minutes! In this article we will continuously updating information about the artisans and artists who’ll […]

Four arms with tattoos, featuring anime characters and the Cheshire Cat

Ecchi Ink at Torucon!

At Torucon, we like to cater to your every nerdy need, from our contents, to our vendors and even nerdy tattoos! Therefore, it is our […]

Art Stands at Torucon! [2018]

At Torucon we are delighted to welcome many talented and creative spirits who showcase and sell their own products. At the Art Stands in Cosmos […]

What is Torucon?

What is Torucon? Torucon is what we like referring to as an annual festival for everyone with fantastic hobbies! This idea focuses on honoring all […]

Torucon hosted mini conventions

Torucon hosted mini-conventions at ISAK The winter season can easily become long and grey for a cosplayer, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to […]