A group of four, including Good Omen's Aziraphale sits aroudn a table playing a board game


Come in and have a seat in our board game room, where you can join a game of cards or delve into a board game, both in the spirit of Halloween and other thematic wonders.

We're honored to be joined by our friends from the game organization Hexagon Spillklubb, who are bringing a selection of games from their vast collection for the evening. They will also be hosting a Roleplaying session featuring Changeling: The Lost  in Grupperommet in U1.

If you don't know the games, do not worry - our game leaders are here to help you.

Among the games you will be able to play at Toruween you can find:

Betrayal at House on the Hill:

A strategic horror adventure game where the players design and explore a haunted mansion, where they will be met by spirits and terrifying signs pointing towards their own fate. A traitor cloaks themselves amongst the players, and the innocent players will have to outsmart and reveal them before it is too late, all the while exploring the mansion one room at a time.
Number of players: 3-6
Estimated duration: Approx 1 hour

Zombie Fluxx:

Fluxx is the card game where anything can happen: The rules are ever-changing at the hands of the players, who determine when and how to alter the rules. By drawing and playing cards, you can affect how the game evolves, the function of cards and even how to win. This particular variation of Fluxx is zombie themed, perfect for a dark Halloween Eve.
Number of players: 2 or more
Duration: Varies from game to game

Eldritch Horror:

A cooperative game with elements of both horror and adventure, where the players take on the roles as globetrotting investigators, working together to solve mysteries, gather clues and to protect the world from the Ancient One - who whishes to destroy the world.
Number of players: 1-8
Duration: From 120 minutes

Read more about the games at Boardgamegeek!

Time: 17:00-21:3o

Photo: Jannicke Skorpeide / Torucon