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Battle Royal - Walk-in D&D


Zorgriff the Beholder has kidnapped and wiped the memories of various individuals from across the known planes. They now find themselves in an unknown location - left with nothing but the knowledge that only one can leave. They must all fight to survive.


Duration ca. 2hrs
Maximum no of players: 10

Time: Saturday 3pm - 5pm
Place: Vega

Battle Royal - walk-in D&D is organized by Fateful Fumble, who are also hosting a Live D&D-show on Saturnday evening.

About Fateful Fumble:

Fateful Fumble is a small collective of nerdy roleplayers from Norway, who love to play games, tell stories and venture into imaginary worlds. We produce actual play rpg podcasts and perform with live shows or host workshops and panels at conventions and other events.
In the past we’ve done live shows, workshops and panels at Torucon, Banzaicon, SpillExpo Comic Con and Unicon Expo.

We produce a Dragon Age rpg podcast titled “The Kestrels” and a Vampire: the Masquerade podcast titled “Chicago by Night”. At conventions we do live D&D games with the travelling circus “Cirque du so Lame”.

You can listen to our podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher, PodcastAddict, CastBox, Overcast, Pocket Casts and pretty much anywhere you usually find podcasts.

Contact us by writing to: fatefulfumble@gmail.com

Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @fatefulfumble.



Photo: Fateful Fumble