Artstand at Torucon 2018. A table full of crochet Pokemon plushies

Art Stands på Torucon

This year the Art Stand tickets sold out in 3 minutes! In this article we will continuously updating information about the artisans and artists who'll be having Art Stands at Torucon this year, where they will be introducing themselves and their stand.
In the Artist's Alley you can buy handmade crafts, from jewelry and accessories to art, comics and even clothing!
Not all art stands take digital payment, so make sure you bring some cash!


Tyler + Somnpu

En collage som viser ulike tegninger i sterke farger. Roboter til venstre, jenter til høyre.


We sell prints, stickers, tote bags and similar items featuring our own art. We work with both digital and traditional media!
Additionally, we will be taking commissions during the convention.

Social media:

Tyler on Tumblr

Somnpu on IG

Somnpu on FB



Logoen til Hækta, samt en mengde ulike Pokemon-figurer


Hækta sells figures, key chains, magnets and many other items that we've hand crafted using crocheting, knitting and fullting techniques.

Hækta's social media links will be up soon!


Sildesalaten & Carmellux:

A collage of drawings On the left a girl in a red scarf and hat, on the left a person with glasses holding a stack of comics


We are two girls who'll be selling prints, comics and stickers.


Sildesalaten's Social Media:






Carmellux' Social Media:




MaenChan & Ultrasopp

Collage of two traditional drawings. To the left is a blue fantasy creature, and a wizard to the right.


We sell art prints and stickers with our original art. We also do fanart from all kinds of anime, cartoons, podcasts and more!

Social Media:

MaenChan's tumblr

MaenChan's instagram

Ultrasopp's tumblr

Ultrasopp's instagram


Tea & Tieflings
  Drawing of two devillike characters dressed in formal wear

At Tea & Tieflings you have the chance to meet two local merchant NPCs who want to show off and sell their fine prints, stickers and buttons. They also offer commissions. Huzzah and greetings, adventurers!

Social Media:

Kirlatte on Instagram

Frayart on Instagram




The text LaweyD over a drawing of an anime girl with grey hair and a pink top


Hey! LaweyD is coming to Torucon to sell fan art, original art prints, stickers and fanzines!
I will also be taking digital (drawings through e-mail) and traditional commissions during the conventions, so please come by and make a request!

Social Media:





Collage of drawings featuring series such as Totoro, Jojo's bizarre adventure and Haikyuu

Hey! At JewlsA you can get fan art, original art prints, charms, buttons and stickers. Additionally I will be taking traditional commissions which will be done during the convention hours, so feel free to drop by!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Social Media:





Elegant Rarity:

Collage of mannequins wearing various lace chokers and fashionable eyepatches

I make jewelry and accessories inspired by Japanese street fashion, anime, fantasy and historical costumes among other things. This year I am bringing a wide selection of eyepatches in various shapes and designs, a large selection of choker necklaces and a smaller selection of corset belts, capes, hair accessories etc.

See more in Elegant Rarity's Social media:




Header photo: NidarosFoto
All other pictures belong to the respective artists and art stands.