Skjermdump from My Hero Academia. From the left: Mina, Kaminari, Sato, Kirishia og Sero, All looking shocked and afraid, like they're carved in stone. The colors are blue and gray. Subtitles say: "Frankly, it'll be tougher than the extra lessons you'd get at at school."


Welcome to Torucon's infamous animequiz!

This is the place to truly put your anime knowledge and trivia to the test as you are served questions from an array of genres and a mix of films and series old and new.
A little difficult, a dash of nostalgia and super fun! This year like the last, the quiz has a small twist!

We are hoping for a big attendance again this year!

The Animequiz will be held twice during Torucon, and you can participate both times.

Note! You may participate in groups, but we only have one prize, so you'll have to share it should you win!


Time and place for the quiz to be announced.