What is Torucon?

What is Torucon?

Torucon is what we like referring to as an annual festival for everyone with fantastic hobbies! This idea focuses on honoring all kinds of so-called nerdy culture, for instance Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Cosplay, Manga/Anime, TV-series, movies and a high level of creativity! Torucon aspires to be a cultural offer particularly catering to those youths falling outside of the typical interests fields of brass band or sports, but Torucon’s guests vary greatly in age from toddlers to grandmothers, all celebrating nerdiness together with us!

Torucon is one of several conventions, or ‘cons’ in Norway focusing on this type of interests and culture. Similar to other conventions, we have a certain focus on cosplay, and expression stemming from “costume play”, describing a phenomenon where one dresses up as a fictional character from i.e. a tv-series or game, and try to act as ‘in character’ as possible. This is also why our cosplay competition is one of the biggest events taking place during Torucon; the contestants compete on the grounds of costume craftsmanship, stage presence and performance and likeness to the character’s persona and behavior. The winner of the contest qualifies as a finalist in the Nordic Cosplay Championship the following year in Linköping, Sweden, where they as a part of Team Norway will defend the Norwegian honor in this prestigious contest that in the later years has been broadcast live on television.

However, Torucon is about much more than just cosplay! We offer a variety of fictional input, from Japanese manga to Dungeons and Dragons, and with our very own arcade we are increasing our focus on video games, roleplaying as well as (un)traditional board- and cardgames are also strong feats at Torucon.
During the informal Costume Contest, participants can show off their own unique fashion and style in self-designed outfits, Lolita-style, original or modified characters or fursuits. Just as popular as the cosplay competition, the Outfit competition draws impressive performances and outfits, and the participants can achieve glory and fantastic prizes for their fashion sense and creativity!
During our Open Stage event, the participants can show off with everything from skits and dances to character-imitations and magic.

From our opening act on Saturday to our closing event on Sunday evening, we offer a varied program, chock-full of entertainment, contests, panels, workshops and activities to partake in and listen to all throughout the weekend.
Torucon is in short, an arena where young people can meet new and old friends who share their interests and even try something completely new. Torucon is creative and including, and wishes you all a warm welcome!

Note: Torucon is  completely alcohol-and drug free.

The history of Torucon:

Torucon is an event run purely on volunteer basis, by passionate young people who love nerdy culture, and was founded as a reaction to the question “Why doesn’t Trondheim have its own conventon?”. This was something many had wished for an answer to, and the result was that several of these youngsters gathered to bring Norway’s 3rd largest city a unique addition to it’s cultural offers.

The first ever Torucon was held on September 17th, 2011, at Kultursenteret ISAK. At this very first event, we saw almost 400 visitors, and a clear indication that this was something Trondheim had been pining for!
The following year, the amount of guests had almost doubled in numbers, and pushing ISAK’s capacity to the limit, we soon had to search for a larger venue.
Over the following years, Torucon has expanded and grown in both capacity as well as program: In 2013 we expanded the convention, making it a two-day event, allowing us to welcome even more visitors from all over the country.
By 2014, the number of visitors had leapt to 1200, and Torucon had become the 2nd largest event of its kind in Norway. This year we also expanded with several smaller events throughout the year, in addition to the main event; On the constitution day, May 17th, we can be spotted in the people’s parade in downtown Trondheim, and from 2016 we are also a staple addition to the PRIDE parade. In October 2014, we threw our first Halloween-event, aptly named ‘Toruween’, and proceeded to round off the year with our very own Yule-celebration at ISAK during Christmas Vacation.
In 2015, Torucon celebrated its 5th anniversary with our grandest and greatest event ever, at Clarion Hotel & Congress.

We are looking forward to yet another spectacular event at Clarion this August, and promise that we will continue striving to become even better at providing the best experience possible for our guests! Welcome to Torucon August 11th-12th 2018!  


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