Bidrag 6:

My Horrid Blessing - av Robyn Alex

Friday May 8th, 2015
Mary just called me up and she wanted me to come out and look at some stuff at their house. I have talked to her many times over the phone, but I have never had the time to travel all the way from New York to Nevada. She even offered to buy the tickets, because she says she need the help badly now. I agreed to travel over, so I am leaving on Monday.

Tuesday May 11th, 2015
I got to Nevada yesterday and spent a few hours in Mary’s house today. It’s a nice and new house and if you just looked at it you would think it was a nice and calm place to live. The second I steeped into the house I could tell I was not welcome by whatever lived in the shadows there. All the time while I was there, I could always feel something breathing down my neck and unseen eyes on me. When I entered the house, I put my purse down and when I left, it had been emptied on the floor. Lots more was happening when I was there that I won’t talk about, on request from Mary and I wish to respect them. Mary and Nathan’s bedroom were the worst place of them all. As I sat down on their bed, I felt something choke me and I just wanted to run out of there.
Don’t get me wrong here, but I have been doing this all my life and I have stayed the night in some haunted places, but there was no chance I would stay in that room for another minute. I know I must help them and do it fast, or things could end badly for them. I even know the right ritual to perform on the house, but it feels like something is stopping me from going back to the house.
I will have to sleep on this and gain the strength to reenter the house and perform the ritual. I will give more updates as this progress.

Wednesday May 12th, 2015
As I am writing this, I am on the plane back home. I went to the house and performed the ritual. I was meet with lots of resistance and it was a hard battle, but I won in the end. I am drained and just can’t wait to get home to sleep for a full day. I have never meet resistance like that before and I hope I never have to meet it again.

Saturday May 23th, 2015
So sorry for going silent for a while, but I have not had the energy to come on here and write. I feel so tired and the feelings I had in Nevada have stayed with me. I can’t shake the feeling of being watched and the way that Mary’s house felt to small came back with me to New York. My cats have noticed that something is up, because they refuse to relax when I am home, and I have no idea why. My car keys also seem to disappear when I am leaving for a job. I know I must have just gotten spooked by whatever was in Nevada, but I can’t calm down. Will keep you updated on this.

Sunday May 24th, 2015
I saw them. The eyes that I could feel watching me in Nevada. I saw them last night in my bedroom. They where at the end of my bed and did not move for hours. I had no idea what to do and I hardly slept all night. I am at a local café right now and I know I am not welcome in my house anymore. Whatever I fought in Nevada latched on to me and now lingers in my apartment. I can’t leave the apartment, because of the lease I have, but if I could I would. I know I must call in help, and I know who, but its hard to call him, because he warned me about this, and I did not listen. I will call after I publish this. I need help. I can’t handle this thing myself.

Monday May 25th, 2015
Luke agreed to help me, and he is coming over in an hour. I stayed the night at the apartment, but I should not have. The eyes where on me from the second I stepped thru the door and they followed me all day, but as a went to bed they stayed in the living room. I could hear whether the eyes belong to rummaging all night and I did not sleep. As I got up this morning, I saw it for a brief moment. Its huge and covered in something that remind me of black fur. I think I saw some claws on what could be hands. It looks nothing like anything I have seen before. It turned around and smirked at me for a split second before I ducked behind a door and I sat there for what felt like minutes, before I looked back into the living room and it was gone. It had the worst smile and eyes I had ever seen and despite it being only a split second I can picture it so clearly as if I had seen it all my life. I will upload this now and I will write again after Luke has been here.

Monday May 25th, 2015
Luke and I just left the apartment. There was no way for us to fight what that was. I described what I had seen, and Luke told me it was a prince of the underworld. He said that they are second only to the devil himself and that the demon should be bound to an item. I told him that I had brought nothing back from the house and is I said that we could hear a low chuckle. I was starting to lose it but kept my cool. Then I remembered my purse had been rummaged thru when I was at the house. I got it from the hall and emptied it on the kitchen table. There I found an amulet I had never seen before. Luke took it and said that the demon had somehow broken free of the bindings to the amulet. Luke managed to bind it back to the amulet and urged me to leave the apartment at once. I packed a bag and we are now at a hotel where I will be staying until I can find a new place to live. Luke will be taking the amulet back to a museum he owns, and I will be free of this demon. Luke is leaving as I am writing this, and I feel confident that this will be the end of this. Might have to scale back on the home visits to clients, but that is a small price to pay.

Tuesday May 26th, 2015
I thought I saw the amulet again last night, but that just has to be my mind playing tricks on me. I saw Luke put it in his bag right before he left, and I never let the bag out of sight until he was out of my hotel room. On a happy note Mary and Nathan told me that their house is calm now and they don’t have to think about this anymore. I will be going back to my apartment tomorrow.

Wednesday May 27th, 2015
I saw him again. Its almost midnight and I am writing this as I sit in my closet. The post will be up at midnight no matter what, but I worry that the demon is no longer bound to the amulet and that he is let lose upon this world. Shit, I can hear something opening the door to my apartment, but I am certain I locked it. I hear growling from the living room and its heading for the bed room and I know I don’t have much time now. Save yourself and don’t come looking for me. I hope that someday……….

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