Bidrag 5:

A Vampire's Waltz - av Lurven

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this night. My adrenaline is boiling, ready to put my feet into action on the dancefloor. I feel nervous tying my white cravat, combing my hair and even as I put on my shoes- which turned out to be a challenge.

After dressing up and tidying any small mistakes I made, I looked at myself in the mirror. «Huh, I look handsome» I have to say that I am quite amazed with myself. My blonde hair tied in a slack ponytail, half of the hair hanging over my right shoulder and some loose strands hangs over my forehead, but that completes the look.


I actually look like someone from the 18th century…


I picked up necessary items which I needed to the ball, such as my phone, wallet, my invite, house keys and car keys. Then I left home and locked the door.


Now, here is the strange part: I never applied for a ball, I never searched for one and I never spoke of one, yet I got an invite in my mailbox two days ago. Strange isn’t it? But I decided not to dwell on it, I’ve always wanted to go to a ball, so why not take the chance?


It’s quite cold outside, but I shouldn’t expect more or less, it’s october afterall. Halloween nonetheless. The cold night air catches my hair so it floats for a second or two, the breeze stings to my face.


I watch children ring the doorbell of my neighbours, shouting «Trick or Treat!». I smile at the youngsters, I remember when I always looked forward to halloween for trick or treating. Now I am all grown up, or in my twenties, I am still too old to ask my neighbours for free candy…


But enough talking to myself, I have a ball to get to.


While driving to the hotel where the ball is being kept, I watched as more children ring doorbells and trading candy. I even heard a kid shouting: «Anyone wants licorice?!» and no one answered…


I almost crashed into a gang of teenagers dressed up as killer clowns when they crossed the road, they were dressed in dark clothing too so I barely saw them. Let’s just say that I wasn’t the one who got scared.


Driving to the ball is no problem, but finding a free parking slot is. This is one of the most popular hotels in town, the most expensive nonetheless. Also, I again almost hit someone. Jesus is on my side today- hopefully.


I finally found a free slot beside a thick maple tree, with yellow leaves. I parked my car and turned off the engine. I see a lot of people outside the hotel, attending the ball.


Oh, did I mention this is a masquerade? I am pretty sure I did… The reason to why there is a masquerade is because of halloween, that goes without saying. We dress up so that the dead or any other spooky monsters won’t find us and kill us, but most likely because of tradition, the rise of the dead and ghosts who haunts us is clearly rubbish.


Knock knock knock


Did someone just knock on my car?


I opened the car door and scanned the area. A few cars lined up beside mine, a few bushes in front of my car. No people.


I swear I heard someone knock on the window. Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me…


I go to the hotel and a fancy looking butler wearing a black mask opens the door for me, gesturing me to go inside. I nodded a «thank you» before stepping inside. A few other people dressed in dresses, suits and other fancy outfits that I don’t know the name of greeted me welcome as I walked by. I nodded and smiled in response.


I have to act as much gentleman-like as possible.


I put my half-mask on, a white colored mask with golden decor on the edges. And tied it to my head with silk bands.


I felt a light touch on my elbow. I turned around and no one was there. My heart started beating. Yet, I feel as if someone is watching me...


«Are you alright young man?» A woman looked at me with concern. I now realized that my breathing increased. I straightened my back and steadied my breathing.


«Y-yes ma'am. Just a tad bit nervous, that’s all» I stuttered, forcing a smile on my face.


«There is nothing to be nervous about dear, just stay away from the fancy ones with the most decorative masks» She paused to lift up her mask, glued to the side of a stick.

«Or this may be your last waltz» Then she walked inside of the ballroom.


I gulped.

Or this may be your last waltz.


I walked carefully inside with my mask on and my hands on my back, hearing classical music.


Now to find a dancing partner.

That turned out to be quite a challenge. I walked for a few minutes, trying my best to not crash into other couples dancing.


Suddenly I got this feeling, of a cold shiver down my spine. Like I am alone in a cold, dark room.


«May I ask you for a dance young man?» Suddenly somebody asked me to dance. I got startled. A man stands in front of me with his gloved hand reached out to me and the other on his back. I think he is handsome. He is taller than me and wears a black half-mask with small rubies as decor. Yet, no matter how handsome or good-looking he appears, that uneasy feeling comes back.


Even so, I accept. He takes my hand and leads me to the dancefloor. My hand on his shoulder and his on my hip, along with our loose hands intertwined- we started our waltz.


As we dance, I notice that this is not his first time. He is quick with his feet, but soft in movement. I go with the flow, letting him lead me. It’s funny how I’ve heard about people being lost in the moment, now I feel the same.


The music turns darker and heavier in tone as he slowly turns me around. For a split second the whole room goes dark, and all I hear is his and my own feet. My dance partner gaze at my face and his eyes- they are unnatural. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, it was white marble floor.


«I-I apologize sir, b- but I have to go» I excused myself and left without a second thought. I can feel his eyes on me. The music continue to play, darker and darker, slower and slower. I run past people who looks at me with masks.


I cannot see one person without a mask.


I bumped into a woman and apologized. She turned to look at me with blood as details on her mask. I almost screamed, but stopped myself. I didn’t hesitate with running away from her.


My breathing increased and it feels like I am running in circles because I can’t find the darn exit!


I stop to catch my breath, and wiped the sweat off my bruise. Looking up I see the people around me point with their finger. All pointing in the same direction, whispering «go», «this way», «leave», «run fast».


The uneasy feeling is back, I start to run. I hear them scream, but I did not look back.


I see the exit.


I grabbed the door handle and pushed the heavy door open. I turned around to look back.


I see no people I see corpses and pools of blood.


I feel a light touch on my elbow, and a voice whisper in my ear. «Welcome to your last waltz» and an unbearing pain strike my neck. A pair of fangs sink into my skin, I feel warm blood dripping from my neck. My mouth opens to scream, but I make no sound. I am unable to shout. My vision fades and my mind goes blank.


… I cannot remember the rest. My feet is dancing, they are burning with pain, yet I keep dancing. A stranger leads me, the music is playing. I feel numb. A bandage is wrapped around my eyes as I dance a never ending waltz.


A vampire’s waltz.